Thursday, March 19, 2009

Generate More Backlinks By Pinging

by Shane Graham

Pinging is used when you add fresh new content to a blog or other content base website. A ping is a signal that goes out to ping servers and notifies that there is new content or the page has been updated.

This web based service (ping server) accepts messages in a certain format. XML-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism. Basically this information is used to make a listing of blogs with updated content.

A number of ping servers run their own web log search engines. There are a number of blog hosting sites you can use that will send out pings automatically.

For a number of reasons I like to use Wordpress. The first being that you can host your on blog which is very important, so that your content will never be deleted for whatever reason. The second being that you have the option to tell word press to send out pings after you content has been updated. Wordpress also allows you to alter your ping list as well.

Of course you have the option to manually inform the ping server that you have updated your blog by going to their site and entering your blogs name and your unique URL.

PingOmatic is a very popular ping server you can use. When you add fresh content to your blog, send a ping over to PingOMatic and it sends out signals to a number of search engines letting them know that your blog has been updated. Its a good idea to find out which search engines have their own ping server.

This is a very powerful way to build creditable back links to your blog from the search engine. These search engines could have a high page rank on Google.

Here are a few things to remember when pinging

-It is important to only send out pings when you have updated your blog. Unnecessary pings will get you in trouble with Google.

-Be sure that you only send out pings when you have added fresh content. Only send out Pings when you add new content to your blog.

To optimize your time try to use more search engines that have their own ping server. This way you can optimize your pings and in return receive more traffic to your web site.

Keep track of your pings and be sure not to send repeat pings. Bu sure not to send to may pings out to same server, for this behavior can get you black listed.

Master the art of pinging and you will get more back links to your site and a higher page rank on Google. If you want your blog to show up on search engines , you must get more back links to it,. The more you can get the better.

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