Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Creating a Home Based Affiliate Business

by Dominic Boykin

In 2008 we saw several companies fail and more than a million people lose their jobs. The trend doesn't seem to be getting any better in early 2009. Many of those who have lost their jobs are looking to the Internet with dreams of entrepreneurship. Starting an online business involves a lot of research and dedication, just like starting any other business. Home-based affiliate businesses have been popular for years and are quickly becoming a mainstream source of revenue.

A home based affiliate business allows you the flexibility to sell a very wide range of products. Affiliates pay you commission on sales or a flat rate on leads.

Not all affiliate programs work the same; it depends greatly on the type and size of the business. Some affiliates may not approve you for their program if your website is too new or doesn't receive enough traffic. Don't let little things like this discourage you. There are always other affiliate programs to join.

Specific Products and Services

The most profitable home-based affiliate business is those operated by people who can answer customer questions about products or services. Choosing a product you're familiar with and a company you trust will allow you that opportunity. Customers often build lasting relationships with people, not necessarily companies. Your own specific brand of customer service will convert your visitors to their customers simply because you earned their trust by knowing what you're talking about.

Your website will also help dictate what type of ads you should display. For instance, if you have a website that deals with technical issues, you may not do well with an affiliate ad for flowers. On the other hand, you may see an increase in performance if you include ads for specific products instead of just the company banner and affiliate link. With that in mind, if your technical website addresses an issue concerning computer hard drives, you may try promoting a hard drive you trust from a company you trust equally.

How Affiliate Businesses Work

When people click the link to look at the business or product you recommend, the affiliate website puts a tracking cookie on their computers. Cookies are harmless files that do not cause any problems for your visitors; they simply track orders from that computer for a period of time.

The time period a cookie is active is determined by the affiliate company in question. Some cookies last for 30 days, while others may go as long as 90 days. These cookies allow the company to know when someone who has clicked your affiliate link places an order. The total of their order is multiplied by the commission amount offered by the affiliate company, and your part is deposited into your account with them.

The whole process may sound a bit confusing at first, but the more you do, the more you learn. Most large online businesses offer some type of affiliate program, whether pay per click, commission or lead-based. Don't get discouraged if all of the affiliate programs you apply with don't approve you. Wait the specified period of time and apply again.

Affiliate home businesses are just like any other home business; they take time and effort. Don't expect your affiliate home business to take off immediately. It could be months before anyone even finds your website and clicks your links. It could be just as many more months before someone actually places an order.

You should have a great marketing plan that includes a wide variety of marketing techniques before you even launch your website. If you launch your website and home based affiliate business without a solid plan to market it, you're setting yourself up for failure.

About the Author

Dominic Boykin is the owner of Work from Home Based Business and he reviews popular home business ideas and opportunities. Click Home Based Affiliate Business to view Dominic's home business recommendation and learn how to start earning cash with your own home based business today!