Thursday, March 5, 2009

Build Great Success Online With The Right Content

by Jimmie Leonguerrero

In the Internet marketing world, content is king. It's the most important thing you need to attract visitors to your online business regardless of what you sell. When people connect to the Internet, most of them are looking for information. What kind of information you provide for them will play a huge factor in determining your success online.

It's easier in the "brick and mortar" world for businesses to attract shoppers. They simply make their stores visibly appealing and display their most attractive merchandise. In the online world, it's different. You don't have the luxury of people strolling by your website and visiting on a whim. That's why content is so, so important. It provides the information that your website visitors are seeking. If it's not good quality content, you'll attract less traffic and struggle to make sales.

Providing good content to your website visitors accomplishes two very important things:

1. It gives them what they where looking for in the first place. If you satisfy your visitors needs you'll increase their chances of them becoming a customer.

2. It grabs the attention of the search engines. The better your content is, the more visible you'll become when people search online.

What kind of content do you need? The type that is relevant to your business. Anyone can easily slap products or services on their website and call it good, but people want more than that. They want to know why this product is right for them or how this service will benefit them. They're looking for the pros as well as the cons to make their choices easier. The better you are at providing them with this desire the more traffic and sales you'll get.

How do you deliver good content? You can write informative articles or blogs about the merchandise or service you provide. You can add more pages to your website with "How To" info. You can write honest reviews of the products you promote. The more information you develop, the better off you'll be. People love big convenience stores for a reason - Everything they need is right there. If you offer your visitors a complete solution to their needs on one website, they'll have no reason to go anywhere else.

When you concentrate on developing solid content, you'll notice a nice side effect. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes more natural and even becomes automatic. Why? because you are giving people what they want...what they are searching for, and that's why search engines exist in the first place. They satisfy the user's urge to find information. Search engines are evolving and becoming smarter everyday. They are improving their ability to determine what content is relevant and what isn't. By focusing on creating quality information for your visitors, you'll benefit from targeted traffic through the engines.

Don't make the mistake of developing content based only on what you like. You must always put your website visitor's needs first. You actually come last. Your website traffic and the search engines come before you do. If you try to build information on your preferences alone, you'll find it a lot harder to attract people to your business online. Remember, people are not searching for what you want, they are searching for what they want. Don't limit your content because of your preferences.

Content brings traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of all businesses, online or off. Providing the best information to your targeted audience is the most effective way to generate consistent, long term traffic. Search engines love content too. If you give your visitors great quality content, the search engines will reward you handsomely for it. Don't let your Internet marketing business be a static one. Strive to offer your visitor's what they're looking for and you'll discover success online a lot easier.

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