Thursday, February 12, 2009

Posting Videos on YouTube to Get Traffic for a Website: How to Do It Effectively

by Cliff Posey

One of the most effective ways to get more traffic to your site is by posting videos on YouTube. YouTube is a popular social media site that internet users flock to everyday in order to watch different videos of their choice. You make use of this site to make your own web page popular as well, that is, if you know the right techniques.

According to Yahoo Answers, here are some of the effective steps you can use when posting videos on YouTube:

First, try to make a high-quality and informational video. This is what counts the most. Your videos should contain substantial information that addresses the issues your target audiences are concerned about. Once your audiences have found your videos on YouTube, they will sure go to your site to check out more of what you can offer. If you are asking how to increase website traffic using legitimate techniques, then this is the way to go.

Second, you must use the right keywords in describing your video. The keywords may act as tags so users who would do a search using those phrases would track down your video. This helps a lot especially when you want to make your video popular over YouTube. The keywords also work to organize your videos under the right categories, otherwise your entries would be not be easily found. By using the proper keywords, you get to practice link building strategies as well.

The next step in promoting your videos and how to increase website traffic is by spreading your videos in various blogs and social media sites. YouTube plays a big role in this step, as you need the embed code in order to plug your video on other sites. You can use this code to post your videos as comments and responses in forums, chats and other blogs, and feature them in other social media sites as well. If you have valuable insights to share especially when people ask questions, you can also refer them to your videos, just like what some people do at Yahoo Answers.

Aside from posting the videos and using their embed codes to post in other social media sites, you can also make use of the links provided by YouTube once your video is uploaded to the site. You can use this URL for link building techniques, as one of your tasks is to recommend the video to your audiences. This link comes in very handy especially when you submit articles to submission sites which do not allow videos to be played, only redirect URLs.

Finally, Yahoo Answers recommends that you add more videos to YouTube from time to time, especially when you want to promote your site. By adding new videos you inform both audiences and search engines that you have new, fresh content on your site, which they always love. Hence, if you have asked how to increase website traffic, this is a good way as well as being able to perform link building techniques with other sites under your niche.

About the Author

I am Cliff Posey and enters the Internet marketing and website building wold 5 years ago after a successful career in radio both on the air as a air talent and program director. As radio became more corporate I saw a new opportunity to make money and be creative like when I was in radio. I started Radio Career Consultants, Love song cards and now Websites That Succeed.