Thursday, February 26, 2009

Easy Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue

by Christine Peppler

Success for an internet marketer often revolves around getting traffic to your web pages and then converting those visitors into buying customers. Of course we all know that getting visitors to our pages can be a difficult task that involves writing a great deal of content and promotion that generally includes social bookmarking and a variety of other time intensive tasks. Even then, an experienced marketer knows that only a very small percentage of visitors to our pages will actually buy.

It's at this point that a marketer begins to really recognize the need for developing multiple streams of income and for getting the most for their efforts. They begin to see the need to generate more revenue from the activities that take so much of their time and to take a hard look at how to maximize the power of Google's AdSense.

Certainly the first step would be to include AdSense on your website or webpage and perhaps your blog. Set up is simple and Google provides all of the instruction that's needed to get started and to continue optimizing to get the most from your efforts. Including the ads clearly offers any given page a second method of creating income with minimal effort. These ads may initially provide only pennies of revenue but as traffic increases it can add up significantly over time.

There are however other ways of increasing your AdSense revenue beyond your own website which allow you to maximize the promotion efforts you're already making.

Most successful internet marketers create other content to drive traffic to their site. Traditionally this content is published and syndicated on 3rd party sites which provide the viewers that are needed to increase traffic. Viewers may click through to your site or you may gain backlinks across the internet to boost your position within searches. This content helps to increase traffic but does not directly provide income.

However, the web has changed in recent years and the traditional sites that syndicate your content are now only one of the available options. There are now a number of content sites that allow you to create your content and share in the AdSense revenue that the page generates thereby creating a small amount of direct income. The sharing varies between 50% and 100% of the revenue going to the author. The amount of income obviously varies based upon the popularity of the content/traffic, click throughs, and so forth but when a marketer creates hundreds of page of content it can become significant. Sites such as Qassia, Squidoo, and Hubpages are examples of such content sites.

Social bookmarking is another relatively new but critical tool in the marketing arsenal. The time involved is significant and the expected outcome, at least in most cases, is to drive traffic rather than to directly generate income. Once again however, there are opportunities to further maximize AdSense revenue through the use of social bookmarking sites which provide AdSense revenue sharing. TagFoot is one such site. For a marketer who will use social bookmarking, it makes sense to use one that will also provide direct income.

Of course the revenue generated from the ads on your own pages isn't the end of the story in many cases. For a number of the programs referenced above, there's also the opportunity to recruit others and to gain a share in the AdSense revenue earned by those writers. Clearly, the revenue generated is dependent upon the ability to successfully recruit other people to the site to add their content. For marketers who don't wish to participate in this, no action is required but for those who want to increase their AdSense take, it's an easy way to grow their earnings.

Online marketing is a time intensive activity, and only the efficient marketers who learn to work smart and maximize their efforts experience the success they're seeking. Maximizing AdSense revenue with your content creation and social bookmarking efforts is one step in this direction.

About the Author

The author, Christine Peppler, is a 3 year online marketing veteran. She invites readers to visit sites such as Qassia, Tagfoot and HubPages to start earning more from their marketing efforts.