Monday, January 12, 2009

Significant Information to Advance Your Website Design

by san007

Everyone knows the importance of having a website. For any business to flourish, it has to have a strong web presence on the internet. And just having an amateurish website design wouldn't do! Your website design has to be such that it captures visitors' attention and make them stay longer.

Here are some important tips by which you can improve your website design and make it even better in its pursuit to complement your business objectives:

In spite of the internet revolution, not everyone has access to fast internet connection. Many people still use the dial-up modems to connect to the internet. Therefore your website should cater to those with slow connections as well. The pages of your website should load faster. Avoid using banners and images that take eternity to load. Instead use relevant images that have been optimized appropriately. If your website doesn't load in maximum 15 seconds, there is no reason why visitors will stay and wait. For more resource you can visit at

When you make your web pages load quickly, it gives an impression that you value your visitors' time. Don't keep them waiting for too long. If at all you cannot avoid your website from loading slowly, request your visitors to wait rather than making them stare at a blank screen.

If you need to include music or other sound effects on your website, at least provide your visitors an option to turn it on and off as per their preferences. This is because many people don't want to listen to music as they surf and might as well leave if they are made to. Providing them with an option to turn it off will make your website a favorite with all.

The text size of your web page is another important factor that affects your website design. Make sure it is large enough so that visitors can read it easily and at the same time not too large so as to give an amateurish appearance to your website. Also, the background color should be in contrast to the text color so that it doesn't obscure anything.

The choice of colors for your website is a critical point. It's always advisable to stick to web safe colors and use a white on black or black on white combination for text colors. You can also visit at

All the links on your website should be clearly identified and point towards the right destination. Organize all the hyperlinks on different pages of your website so that your visitors can navigate through the site with ease.

Using Flash to create drop down menus for a website is a hot trend nowadays. Using Flash along with Macromedia's Fireworks and Dreamweaver can help your create professional looking website designs in less than a day. However, make sure your visitors are able to figure out how the Flash menus work.

Your website should be compatible on all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc. this is because your website should be functional and accessible to users across the world using a variety of browsers.

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