Monday, January 26, 2009

The Secrets of Developing Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags for Website

by Susant Sahoo

Sometimes you might be wondering how some of the websites are sky rocketing to the top of search engine result pages. If you carefully notice these websites they have properly developed Meta elements in the source pages which search engines consider to be most important while ranking a webpage. Meta tags are the information stored in the source code of the webpage. They are generally invisible to the human visitors and meant for the search engine browsers. Of course, they are not the guaranteed way getting high ranking in search engines. But, at least, they have got some effect along with other optimizing procedures.

Title Tags:

Title tags are not exactly on of the Meta tags. But they are discussed as most important element of the source code. Whatever text you are putting in your title tag will appear in the reverse bar of the webpage when a visitor visits it. Browsers like 'internet explorer' display their own name along with the title of the page.

Title is one of the most important elements considered by the search engines while ranking a page. Title is the first part where the search engine browser looks for a particular search term when used to search. Major search engines use the title for the listing in the result pages and titles are the links through which a visitor can land on the respective pages.

Search engines decide the ranking of the pages judging the presence of keyword. It is better if you are developing the title with targeted keyword of the page. Make it a relevant and powerful title.

Description Tag:

Description tag allows a brief description of the page in the page source. It is the part that appears as the small information about the content of the page in the search engine result pages. Not all search engines give importance to description tag and some partially consider this. However, it can be used as some of the search engines still take them into account while ranking a page. Description tag is also developed with the most important keywords of the page.

Meta keyword tag:

Meta keyword tags are mostly additional text for the page to be added for the keywords. The keyword tags reinforce the most important terms of your page to the search engines. They also support the pages for the synonyms of the keywords that you may not have used in the text itself. You can use up to 25 keywords or keyword phrases in the keyword tag separated by commas.

Meta Robot tags:

By default, all of the pages are indexed by search engines. But, in case you don't want any of your pages not to be visited by search engines, you can use robot tag. It prevents the search engine crawler to visit a page. Most of the search engines support Meta robot tag.

There are some other kinds of Meta tags. Most of them are ignored by major search engines. Basically, they are used by some specialized search engines. Many webmasters were found manipulating Meta tags to spam and fool the search engines. Hence, the search engines have grown smart to ignore the Meta tags. But still the tags bear much more importance and play a crucial role in the high ranking of a website.

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