Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Commenting on Blogs has Many Benefits

by Matt Hayden

If you have a blog, you want traffic. And one of the best ways to generate it is to comment on other blogs, particularly those in your niche.

The benefits are manifold:

Firstly, if the blog you comment on is a dofollow blog, then you will get some search engine juice from the comment.

One way to find these blogs is to Google for them. You just have to include the word "dofollow" and any other keyword or phrase you choose. You're bound to find a few of them this way. A search for "dofollow blogs list" will return many results, too.

You can also search for blogs with the CommentLuv plugin. Not every one of these blogs has dofollow installed, but quite a few of them do. Find 10 of these blogs, and maybe 3 or 4 will be dofollow.

You should also look for blogs with the Top Commentator plugin. If you become a top commentator - and often all you need to do is to post just one comment - you end up getting a dofollow link that is usually sitewide. That is, it appears on every page of the website, not just the particular post you commented on. It's like getting a permalink in the blog panel - except that it's not permanent, since it usually lasts for a month or some other finite period.

If you accumulate a list of these blogs and comment on them from time to time, you will certainly improve your traffic from search engines over the long term.

Alternatively, you can just not worry about dofollow and top commentator blogs. Simply search for blogs in your niche and comment on those. Since the above mentioned plugins are increasingly popular, the law of averages means that you will eventually encounter some anyway.

It also looks good to Google if you comment on both dofollow and nofollow blogs. If you only ever made dofollow comments, and hundreds of them in a very short period of time, Google might frown on you. There's a chance you may be marked as a spammer and penalized in some way, so it's always best to build links naturally, and in a varied, gradual way.

Regardless of the SEO benefits that commenting gives, it's still worth doing because it gets the attention of the owners of the blogs you comment on. Unless they have hundreds of comments every day, most bloggers read all their comments and look at the blogs of the commenters.

This is why writing really good, thoughtful comments is crucial. This will make them notice you in the first place, and then look at your blog. If they like your comments, and also what's on your blog, then they are more likely to link to you at some stage, either as a link back in a post, or by putting a permalink in the side panel.

Remember also that a high percentage of blog readers are bloggers themselves. So you might get a link back from one of them, too.

One final tip: Keep a record of all your comments. If you rewrite these substantially and expand upon them they will become unique content. Post these to your blog and you will draw still more targeted traffic to it!

About the Author

Matt Hayden is a webmaster and blogger in Sydney, Australia who writes about internet marketing.