Monday, December 15, 2008

More web traffic with the Effective Use of Keywords

by John Leigh

If you have your own product, service or affiliate product, making web pages that are Search Engine friendly, resulting in more web traffic, does not need to be complicated. What you need to do is make each page of your site a unique entity and use the right keywords.

Get the Keywords Right

Make sure the keywords you select meet your marketing criteria. Do not use words which are too general.

Use words that are more specific, this will result in a higher ranking for your site. It is also important you choose words which are suitable to your website, web page, product or service.

Always Include keywords in your Page Titles

A lot of people building a website will use either inappropriate names or their company name in the page's titles. The best thing you can do is include appropriate keywords in your title. This is they way people carry out searches on the Internet, they type keywords into the search engines.

Include keywords in your Title Tags and Meta Tags

For each page of your site, include the appropriate keywords within all the page's tags. Also, take time to go over the Meta description that you use. Any description you use should be alluring and interesting to those who are visiting your website. Include keywords within it wherever possible. There are many search engines around today which use the Meta description as the thing that will be displayed in their search results.

Using Keywords in the Content

Make sure you include keywords in the content of your website and web pages as well. But remember keyword density. If you overuse the keywords, this will be classed as keyword spamming and your page may be discounted by the search engines.

The best way to Determine the Keyword Selection for Your Site

Making a website search engine friendly is a key factor for its success. One of the key ways in which to rank well with search engines is by optimizing the visible keywords on the pages. But in order to be successful in your keyword strategy campaign, you should use the following two steps.

Keyword Selection

Determine what your pages are offering and which words that your potential visitors might use when searching for the pages of your site. Create keywords which are based on those words.

For the full optimization of keywords on your site, It is recommended by many that you should use between 3 to 5 keywords on the appropriate pages. It is vital that you start using them from the top left and then down.

Many times you will find that this will be the first 200 words on each page of your site which will include the title tag, headings, abstract etc.

So the closer to the top left of your page the keywords are placed then the more weight they will be given by Google. Often, visitors will view your site in the same way that the search engine spider's do, so emphasizing your keywords from the top left and down is a good way to design a site.

When selecting keywords, you need to determine whether the keywords are too popular or competitive. If during your research, you find many sites already competing for high rankings using your chosen keywords, then you may need to select more specific keywords instead. This can also be said for keywords which have several different meanings as well. It is important that you look how users will search for your pages, and which specific questions the content of your pages actually answers. So whenever possible, refine the keywords that you use in order to answer these questions.

Remember, when you are refining your keywords, keep in mind that many searches carried out on the net contain three words or more (long tail keyword search). So someone searching for answers on the Internet will often phrase their search term as a question. Optimize your pages to their full extent, and try to think like the person who is searching.

Check out the Competition

A great way of getting ideas is to check out the competition. Just carry out a search using keywords that you already know, and that you would like to target. Click through the top sites that come up in the results. Then once on the site, view their source HTML code and view the keywords that they have in their Meta tags. But it is important that you remember to use those keywords which relate to your site or page.

It is easy to view a sites HTML code, all you do is click on the "View" button at the top of your web browser page and then select "Source" or "Page Source".If you develop a list of keyword phrases, you should be able to optimize each and every page of your site for the search engines.

About the Author

John Leigh is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher, with a passion to help others.

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