Friday, December 5, 2008

The Keys to Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Success

by Michael Warren

With the Internet's availability along with extensive resources, making money from your computer can be easier than you think with a solid affiliate marketing strategy. If you have a blog, or a company website, you may be missing an opportunity to make money. If you do not have a product or a service to sell, affiliate marketing is just for you.

How much a person can earn with web-based affiliate programs depends a great deal on several factors, including a well-thought-out affiliate marketing strategy, savvy and picking the right programs.

Each affiliate program wants something from its affiliate associates in return for the money they will bring them. For many the "thing" they want is a sale, which means that if a potential buyer clicks to their site from yours via a banner ad, but that visit does not result in a sale, then nothing is paid out. Even if the same buyer goes back to their site, averting yours, and buys the next day, normally there is no pay out to you.

Focus your endeavors

Take some time to browse the affiliate programs available and choose one or two that meets your own criteria, such as profit per unit, ease of selling, etc. Once you have read the companies affiliate program information, which will tell you what they expect in order for you to join the program, you can then design a site specifically around those programs.

For instance, there is one program that sells an eBook on how to write a book in two weeks that offers an affiliate program. If you were to research this and decide you wanted to use this as your focus, you could build your site around the product. Purchase it yourself, read it, perhaps even write the book it states you can write, and then talk about it on the site. Become an advertisement for the product, and, naturally, include plenty of easy-to-find links to their sales-front.

Once you have your product and your site designed around it, you would market your own website by submitting it to search engines, going to link exchanges, adding it to the signature line of your emails; anything you can do to get people to visit your site. It really is a numbers game; the more visits to your site, the more changes someone will really like what it has to say and follow your links to the product.

What are the next steps?

Take a good long look at your current web-presence. What kinds of goals are you hoping to gain with affiliate marketing? Do you want to make six figures a year? Do you want to make a few hundred bucks a month? Do you want to make enough to cover the costs of running your web site, and no more?

Once you have answered the above questions, take time to visit affiliate directory sites; be aware that many of these are doing exactly what you are hoping to do by turning your visit into a sale. Most, however, do provide a healthy directory of programs for you to research.

Locate the affiliate programs that make the most sense for your web site and take some time reading their rules for partnership. Select the ones that pass your criteria and sign up!

About the Author

Michael Warren is a successful internet marketer, and the owner of Newbie Web Marketing 101. He helps people promote their online business by offering his expertise in proven internet marketing strategies. Learn Three Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Right Now!