Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How To Use a Safelist for Long-Term Success

by Larry Rivera

To become effective in learning how to use a safelist, first you must inform yourself of what a safelist is about. Basically, it is a list of opt-in subscribers who have permitted you to send them information regarding your products or services. This is unlike a spam, which forwards unsolicited emails to various email addresses.

Get Positive Responses Through Safelist Advertising

Several internet marketers dismiss safelist advertising as a waste of time. To a certain extent, it is true. However, there are tips to help email marketing work to your advantage. Here are a few ones you can use:

1.Do not sell upfront. - With a safelist, you seldom expect purchases on the spot. Instead, you can provide free information that will rouse your prospects' curiosity and encourage them to visit your site or see what new products or services you have available. It is also your key to finding long term customers.

2.Use a catchy or attention-grabbing email subject. - Unless you have a subject that will rouse their interest, most people will not bother opening their emails. This is related to what most gurus say about safelist being a waste of time. Therefore, be creative and make them an irresistible offer.

3.Highlight the benefits to the customer. - Focus on how your product or service can help improve your customers' lives. Appeal to their emotions, but make sure that it sounds genuine.

4.Avoid excessive links. - A link to your website or your affiliates' site should be enough.

Maximize Your List

Online marketers often wonder how they fail to get positive results despite of tremendous efforts on building a safelist. What they fail to realize is that gathering a list is not enough, there are several factors to consider.

Poor safelist performance result from untargeted lists. Even if your subscribers receive emails from your company, if it is not of the recipient's interest to avail of your product or service then you cannot expect to generate sales. Therefore, when gathering email addresses, you have to make sure that the people on your list are possible customers.

Another important factor to achieve better result is the frequency of sending emails. As much as possible, refrain from sending daily emails because it might annoy the person and force them to unsubscribe. Meanwhile, monthly emails prevent you from updating your subscribers whenever you have any new product, service, or promos available. You can opt to send emails on a bi-weekly cycle.

The same goes with the volume of emails you send. Do not flood your subscriber's inbox with tons of emails that they will not read anyway. Instead, send them substantial emails that include all the information they might find useful and provide the necessary links. Also, refrain from sending the same email content more than once.

Benefits of a Safelist

Creating a safelist is a cost-efficient way of promoting your products, as well as that of your affiliates'. As long as you take note of the tips above, you will be able to maximize the list of emails you have gathered and spread the word about your business.

The best thing about email marketing is that you constantly update your subscribers about any new products that they might avail of, instead of one-time advertisement. Hence, even if they do not avail of your products or services now, they might in the future. Indeed, a safelist is an effective tool to bring in long-term customers.

Once you've learned how to use a safelist effectively, you can bring in more traffic that can be converted to sales but without the expensive advertisement costs.

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