Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Can I Advertise My Website On A Small Budget?

by Tony Dunne

When I first started out, there were so many ways I tried to advertise my website, I quickly got lost and confused, and almost gave up. Fortunately I persevered and was gradually able to ditch the things that didn't work so I could concentrate on those that did. I discovered the huge range in cost … from substantial, for which you need a serious budget and a track record in effective marketing, to no cost at all.

Here are some strategies at the lower end of the cost spectrum that helped me:


Before I even thought about how to advertise my website, I had to produce the kind of web content my visitors would find incredibly useful. I had to help them solve a problem quickly and easily. In some cases, depending on the product or service I was advertising, the content needed to be updated regularly to give visitors an incentive to return. Content also had to be search engine friendly. In other words, it had to comply with what the search engines deem is good quality information about the market products and services are being designed for.


One tactic involved contacting lots of website owners in related markets to mine and asking if I could exchange links to our respective sites. This is something the search engines view as positive evidence that a site contains good, compelling content (see above). I needed to be careful about whom I approached. All the sites that contained a link to mine needed to contain good content and it goes without saying that they needed to be convinced about the content on my site too.


One of the most effective ways to advertise my website was getting visitors, or better still, happy paying customers, to endorse my site through recommendations and testimonials. Of course, the best recommendation is the completely spontaneous expression of admiration from a satisfied customer. But I also offered incentives for testimonials as well, like a free report, or entry into a prize draw.


Although this method cost me a small amount of money, it became an extremely effective way to advertise my website when I started to use ezines that were related to my target market. Initially, because each ad. was so cheap, I placed them in all kinds of ezines, some of which were pretty remote from the products and services I was selling. Then I wondered why I wasn't making many sales from these particular ads.

So you need to do your research before placing any advertisements. Pick the ezines that are the best fit for the specific products and services you're advertising. Eventually I learned that the closer the fit between the ezine and my market, the more sales I made.


Developing your own affiliate program for your own products and services can be a hugely powerful part of your advertising campaign. I used this strategy to advertise my website and couldn't believe the difference it made to my sales figures. And when I tweaked the program to improve it, for example, by offering more generous commissions and including resources for my affiliates to use in their campaigns, my profits went through the roof.

This technique does involve some expense. You will need affiliate software to track the activities of your affiliates, and there will be other expenses such as the design and creation of promotional materials for your affiliates to use. But the results will be well worth the investment.


These are some of the free, low cost and cost effective methods I used to advertise my website when I started out. They are all quite easy to do when you've learned a few basic lessons about internet marketing. Re-investing your profits from early successes into more sophisticated advertising campaigns can take you from a small time business to huge profits over a period of time. But you do have to be smart enough to choose the tactics that work best in your market.

I hope these few paragraphs help clear your mind a little about the best and most cost effective ways to make your website work for you.

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