Friday, December 12, 2008

Affiliate product page

by Michael John Arnold

An affiliate product page can be very useful in that it can serve a number of purposes. It can promote one or more of your affiliate programs and really get your visitors to focus on your affiliate products.

Tips to increase profits with your affiliate product page:

Find a problem: If you want your affiliate product page to be successful you will need to focus on a particular problem your chosen market has and choose the affiliate product that will solve it for them. You can do this by means of a landing page. This page will draw potential customers to your sponsor's website. It will focus on a special problem that is popular with your market. Your affiliate product page will pre-sell the affiliate product to resolve the problem and have a call for action to click onto your sponsor's sales page.

Targeting your special market: Always remember to target your affiliate product page to your particular niche market. This is very important because if you aim for a general market you will not make much money.

Pre-sell do not sell to your potential customer: Selling is your sponsor's job. Driving warm ready to buy leads to your sponsor's sales page is your job.

Different affiliate product pages:

• A single affiliate product page can be a review or article pre-selling a particular affiliate program. As discussed above you can write an article about a specific problem and introduce your product with a call for action.

• All your products on one page: A different way to sell your products is to have an affiliate product page. This will put multiple related affiliate programs on one page. Visitors can see at a glance what you are offering and feel free to make their own choices. It is rather like an offline department store.

Driving traffic to your affiliate product page:

• Blogging : blogging is a fun and popular way to promote different areas of your site. You write a short article that will attract your specific market and then add a link to your product page. You need to blog everyday and keep it concise and interesting to your readers. As your readership grows your visitors will increase.

• Article distribution: This is one of the most powerful ways to promote your affiliate product page. You will write articles on subjects that interest your niche market and include a link to your affiliate product page with your bio.

• Search engines: optimize your affiliate product page and submit it to the search engines. Once you are ranked with them you can expect some great traffic to your affiliate product page.

• Google Adwords: This is one of the fastest most targeted promotions you can do. Be careful to read the tutorials carefully and not spend too much money in bids. Also remember to monitor your campaigns in detail.

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