Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Squeeze Page Mastery, How to Build a Successful Squeeze Page.

by Ragnar Terjeson Miljeteig

There are many different list building methods, but using a squeeze/splash page or having a subscription form on your website or blog are the basics of many of them.

There are several important details that will affect how your squeeze page performs.

--- Traffic
- How targeted it is.
- Amount of traffic.

--- Design
- How well designed does it look.
- How does the theme of it fit the topic.

--- Content
- How sellable the content is.
- How many possible customers there are.

Squeeze page - Content
Although Content is important, it is not that hard to get the content of a squeeze page done, as it should just contain a few lines of it.

First of all the headline, your headline needs to catch peoples eyes, something that makes them curious, something that surprises them or something unique. All three if possible :P

A few tips on writing the headline is to, read it out loud to yourself and hear if it sounds good, ask people you know in a forum or your friends if it sounds good, track the results (which in a way is the same as asking the total amount of visitors their opinion.)

The key lies in finding several that you think sound good and then ask your friends and visitors which one they like better, if they like any. If you're hopeless with headlines try telling a friend what the newsletter/ezine/ecourse is about and ask them for suggestions. Follow the same procedure with the sub headline, if there is to be one.

The bullet points should be short, to the point, honest and let the visitors know the benefits. A common mistake when making a list of bullet points is that they only list the features and not the benefits. "- Discover how to build your list fast and free!" and then we have "- Discover how to build your list and start building a huge list of your own completely free!" What they will "discover" is the feature, what that will do for them is the benefit, a simple way of determining what the benefit is, is to ask "so what?" to the feature, also you should keep bullet points to 3 or 5.

Video Be yourself, don' try to imitate others, and keep the quality good enough but not overly good so that the visitors will never be able to load the video.

Audio Be yourself and keep it short, if it sounds good to you and your friends it usually is.

Squeeze page - Design

There are a few squeeze page designs that are rather effective, the traditional bullet point squeeze page, the bullet point squeeze page with audio, and a video squeeze page, a simple page with little other than a headline a video and an option form.

For a simple generator that helps you make a squeeze page for free visit: Instant Squeeze Page Generator If you want a more unique one unless you have a rather good html knowledge or skills with an html editor, and some skills when it comes to general design like header graphics etc. A good idea is to pay someone else to do it, someone you know makes good designs for squeeze pages, or simply a talented web designer that you trust.

If you want to do it yourself you need to have a basic knowledge of html to even make an ugly one, and for a decent looking squeeze page you need a decent knowledge of it or decent skills with a html editor program. For an excellent one you need to improve it all the time, and although your opinion is important the visitor's opinion is more important, so you should track the results you get, you can try to set this up in google analytics or search for "tracking" in google for a few tracking services, and by dividing the visitors with the number of subscribers find out if it's an acceptable conversion rate to you or not, if not then make some small changes and test it to see if it works better.

About the Author

Ragnar Terjeson Miljeteig is a Norwegian Student and Internet Marketer that writes a blog about Free traffic and List Building
For a large lens about building lists with squeeze pages go to Lens about list building