Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Making Money With An Opt-In Box

by Bob and Cindy Floyd

If you have been in the home business opportunity industry for any length of time then you have heard it stated over and over the money is in the list. The almighty list; everyone needs one, but who other than the big boys really has one?

Well if you don't have a good buying list then you might be wondering just how you acquire that almighty list especially when you're new to the game of internet marketing! Well first let me say that acquiring a list really isn't that hard. Shop around on the internet and you'll find literally a gazillion ads that promise you guaranteed traffic, or visitors they all use different verbiage but they are selling the same thing, a click to your website. Great! Wrong! So what?

What you need is targeted traffic that will buy from you. The almighty list is a list of buying customers. Now that is harder to get.

So if you haven't already figured this out, you need your very own squeeze page or website. Again, not hard to do, go to Wordpress.org or Blogger.com and setup a page you can direct prospects to. The big deal here is you need to be able to control the site. As a home business owner you need to be able manage the sight yourself. That's why I like using these two products; you don't have to be a web designer to make these products work for you. Next you need to have reason for a prospect to want to get to know you better. That can be in the form of a newsletter, some sort of training camp, e-book anything like that. You can create this, have a ghost writer do it for you or purchase PLR rights. And now here you go, you need an opt-in form.

What's an Opt-In Form?

A form that captures prospects information, that coveted information know as "The List". The prospect provides their information to you so you can begin to build your relationship and eventually a sale. Every business opportunity needs to capture this information and will have it in some form on their squeeze page or sales page.

But lately there has been a lot of talk about what should go on an opt-in list. Most big marketers want ALL your information: name, address, city, zip, phone, email, and if they could they'd take your first born. I have found that most people when asked to give away this much privacy for a free e-book will not likely give you good data.

So I like what many of the smart marketers are doing. Asking for just a little, name and email, get you on their list and then offer to send you their free CD so now if you want it you need to give them all the other info.

This works because by then your prospect trusts you and is willing to provide this data. Good tactic for all home business owners to understand and practice.

About the Author

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