Friday, November 7, 2008

How To Write An Effective Salescopy

by Keith Synan

If you think that writing effective sales copy is all about paragraphs, fancy words and punchy adjectives, think again, because today's brand-cluttered, highly competitive marketplace has turned sales copywriting into both, an art and a science. It's not a skill that you can acquire easily, but one that may take years to perfect, however, by sticking to some basic principles, you can increase the effectiveness of your sales copy significantly.

Arm yourself with key information - Well before you pen the very first word of your sales copy, make sure you have studied all key benefits and features of the product or service you are writing about. Next, you'll need to know what makes them unique, i.e., WHAT you can deliver that competitors cannot. This is often referred to as the Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Simply said, it's the one compelling reason why customers will do business with you (e.g., "best after sales service?", "lowest prices?" etc.). The USP needs to be articulated clearly in the headline or body copy of your sales presentation.

Create a great headline - You have but seconds to captivate the attention of a potential buyer, therefore, your headline must immediately reveal what specifically you are selling or offering. However, some sales copywriters often use intriguing headlines, or those that begin with a question. The point is, whichever route you choose, your headline must be clear, or clever enough, to convince the target to read further. If your headline can achieve this, it's half the battle won .. but not the war.

Follow up with convincing copy - Once you've captured the reader's attention, your next crucial task is start your sales copy with a persuasive introduction. The first paragraph should clearly reveal that some important benefits are forthcoming, this will convince them to read the entire copy. Divide paragraphs into shorter, simple-to-read sections and use bold sub-headings for each. This will break the monotony of visually lengthy text. Don't worry if you feel the copy is too long, it's a proven fact that the more you tell, the more you sell.

Bullet point the benefits - This will make it easy for readers to find one or more that meets their needs. You should list benefits in a logical manner, i.e., in order of importance. But there's one very important rule to keep in mind for writing effective sales copy, customers don't buy features, they buy benefits. While features have a purpose, articulating the benefits will help customers to figure out just what that purpose (or benefit) is.

Insert credible testimonials - This is an important element that will add to the overall effectiveness of your sales copy and make it more legitimate and believable. Potential customers react positively, when they learn that a user is satisfied with your product or service. Testimonials have proved to be highly effective and are the next best thing to word-of-mouth publicity.

Move your customer to action - Effective sales copy ends when you tell the reader what they need to do next - (e.g., "call us on ..", "fill in the order form", etc.). You can't assume they'll know what or how to do so. If you've got them this far, provide them with your complete mailing address, an easily accessible telephone number, the person they can contact, your e-mail address or website. Finally, for a sales copy to be judged effective or successful, it must be SEEN, READ, UNDERSTOOD and ACTED UPON. If your next sales copy can pass all four stages, you won't only win half the battle .. you'll win the war.

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