Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Unlimited Bandwidth Scam

by Ricardo d Argence

If you have your own site, a very crucial thing to be aware of is bandwidth. In a nutshell, bandwidth simply refers to the amount of information you're able to transfer at a specific time.

The less bandwidth you have, the longer your visitors will be forced to wait for your site to load no matter what type of connection they use. With more visitors, each visitor is going to have to wait his or her turn if you don't have enough bandwidth to accommodate everyone. When selecting a host plan you must first discern how much bandwidth you need.

Anyone claiming to provide unlimited bandwidth or monthly transfer is not being completely honest. Nobody can have unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited Bandwidth is a myth.

I have never come across a broadband service provider claiming to offer an Internet connection with unlimited bandwidth. How can a web hosting company provide unlimited bandwidth to customers if it doesn't own its own access lines?

Usually, high bandwidth sites on such unlimited plans are disconnected and then no refund is granted. In most cases, the web host will claim that a violation of the terms of service or policy of acceptable use has been committed by the website.

When researching what source you will use to serve your website always read the terms of service for any hidden policies. More information about the so-called Unlimited disclaimer can be found in the fine text.

When getting started, monitor your usage for the first three to four months to get a good estimation on how much time you would need from your web hosting service. These factors must be considered while estimating. How many users will access your web site? How many pages to be access? How big are the graphic and HTML files?

More bandwidth will be needed when you download large multimedia, computer programs, and files. One bandwidth concern is using Flash on your website, as it consumes a lot of it. Virtual reality, as well as full length 3D presentations, will require a greater bandwidth than other things.

Even though it isn't entirely precise it still allows you to work with something until your site has been up for a good amount of time and until actual statistics have been made. Do not fall for an unlimited bandwidth trap which some companies will toss out in order to lure you in.

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