Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Services and Tools Of Article Marketing

by columbus

There are a lot of services and tools available out there when it comes to article marketing. Article marketing is something done by a lot of people. As people become more proficient in article marketing, they tend to pass that knowledge onto others. The means that they use in order to pass that knowledge along can be different. Some of these differences are reflected in the services and tools that are available online. Most of the article marketing services and tools, whether you are talking about search engine marketing, SEO or something else, can be divided into a number of different categories. The main ones are discussed below.

Submission Tool: Submission tools are arguably the first article marketing tools to appear online. These are tools that can do one of two things. They can either help you send one article to a number of different article websites, or they can help you send permutations of your article to the same website.

Either way, you are getting multiple back links to your website for the price of one written article and ultimately that is going to be good for SEO efforts you might have going. One of the main purposes of article marketing is to augment search engine marketing strategies through SEO and submission tools can help greatly in the accomplishment of that purpose.

Originality Checker: The originality checker is a lot more recent than the submission tool for articles. However, more people will use the originality checker in their daily article marketing.

This is because the originality checker allows people to discover whether their article is original content, or whether it is going to be seen as being plagiarized. Websites that have content that Google considers plagiarized will be banished to Google supplemental results and ultimately that will mean bad things for your SEO efforts.

Search engine marketing relies on original content and originality checkers allow you to make sure that your content is original. Two good examples of originality checkers online are Cityscape and Article Checker; the latter is completely free.

Submission Strategist: A submission strategist is not a tool, but rather a service.

You have doubtless already come across websites professing to have the best article marketing services around. These websites essentially have staff on them that have a lot of experience in article marketing. This experience allows them to know what articles should be submitted where.

This experience can mean great things for your search engine marketing efforts because submitting the right articles to the right places can really increase your SEO.

Part of SEO is efficiency, not just quantity and therefore a submission strategist might be a good idea if you have the money to spare.

Writer: Of course, some people want to do article marketing but are prevented from it because they are not capable of writing.

Therefore, a writer might be a very good article marketing service for you to hire, because they can make article marketing possible. A writer will be able to write good and original content. A writer will be able to write content that is rich with keywords. A writer will be able to write content that the search engines will eat up.

Then, all you have to do is take the writer's content and post it to the article websites and you will have a very good article marketing campaign going.

These are some of the main tools and services available out there for people interested in article marketing. If you are truly interested in article marketing, you will want to look at one or all of these services at some point.

While you might be a good writer, chances are you are not a good article marketer and even if you are you are going to need to want to have original articles. You will also want to have smart submissions and cut down on your own work. These tools and services help you accomplish everything you need to in order to be a good article marketer.

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