Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Creating An Effective Author Resource Box For Your Article Marketing Campaign

by Sumit.Sharma

Many individuals who have a product and/or service to offer are starting to realize the importance of creating an effective author resource box for their article marketing campaign. Ultimately, this is even more important than the article itself. In all actuality, the resource box is considered to be the ultimate 'selling point' when it comes to the article that is composed in order to promote a service or a product. Many websites may refer to this as the 'Author Bio Box', or even the 'Author Signature'. Here, you will learn how to create a successful resource box in order to increase the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign.

The very first point to make in your resource box is to express to the audience exactly who you are. This means, simply put, include your name! Now, when it comes to marketing online, you have the freedom to use your real name, or a 'pen' name. In addition to the actual name that you place in this section, you may consider including a specific title. This helps the audience identify your authority on the subject matter that you have composed. This also helps those in your readership to develop trust in you as an 'expert' in your field. You will find, as you progress in your campaign, that having trust and being viewed as an expert is essential for success when it comes to your marketing campaign.

Now, the next area that you will want to focus on is an address that identifies that in which you are associated. This is essential. If you expect your readers to visit a specific website on the internet, you must direct them to it. It is important to avoid simply putting a standard 'piece' of an internet address in the resource section of your article. You should be certain that you attach the complete address to the website. Many individuals elect to not place the actual, raw website address in visible view of the reader. They may elect to hyperlink the address to a specific title or keyword. This is appropriate. However, it is important to ensure that the article directory that you elect to use allows you to hyperlink. If not, this will prove to be useless.

The next area that you will want to focus on is your 'sales pitch'. Have you ever heard of the phrase 'sell yourself'? Well, this is the area where it is necessary to do this. You must inform your audience who you are, why they should value you as an author, and what makes you a unique author. The most complicated aspect to this is being able to do it in three to four sentences, max! Once you have accomplished this, you should insert what many refer to as the ultimate 'call to action'. You should encourage and ask for a sale all in one, then inform them of the next step or steps to be taken in order to appropriately conclude this step.

There are a number of effective article directories online today. You will want to select a directory that is popular, and serves many visitors. You will also want to choose a directory that ranks relatively high in search engines. This will ensure that your article receives maximum exposure.

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