Thursday, September 25, 2008

Article Writing - The Wrong Way to Write Articles

by vandanabindu

The wisest tips and suggestions on how you can improve your writing abilities for the web has been constantly discussed and explained in most articles. But avoiding the common pitfalls in writing web articles is the cleverest.

If after you submitted your articles to a handful of publishers and still did not generate the traffic you need, then maybe its time to check if you are committing the common pitfalls.

Here is a list of the most common overlooked pitfalls you and other writers commit.

1. Remember you are writing articles, content-rich, informative and useful articles, NOT SOLO ADS. Writing an obvious advert is a major turn-off for most publishers. How will you know if you are writing an advert? If your article lacks useful information, sounds like a sales pitch when you read them aloud and you inserted your link outside of the resource box, midway through the article that means your article is a blatant ADVERT. Do not even imagine your article being published to any of the publication and newsletter.

2. If website links outside of the resource boxes are a general-no-no to publishers, what more other links that of your affiliates. Be sure that your article is free of any website links, except for minor instances that it is needed to give additional information, but the rest should weblink free article.

3. Incorrect spellings and other grammatical errors are eye sores to publishers and readers. Do not let this happen, as you would be negatively branded and would be considered as not someone to be trusted. If spelling checks are needed by all means do it.

4. Resource boxes are spaces for basic information about you, your business and contact details including your website link. Do not put over-hyped promotional words, sentences on your resource box. This may become a turning point for publishers who decided not to take your article instead but well in fact impressed by the first and middle parts of your article.

If these have been your ways before, better stop, think, reflect and act on it so you can make use better of your writing ability and knowledge.

Now, how to act on it? Aside from avoiding the common pitfalls discussed above, some suggestions for each aspect of your article should be taken into your consideration when starting to write.

TOPIC. To help you choose the best topic for your article, brainstorming is necessary. Try scanning through discussion forums and egroups that is basically within your market reach and has something in common with your website. Take active part in the discussions and get ideas for hot topics. Observe the members interests, styles, culture and likes. You may get some important ideas which may be used for bullet points.

TITLE. Title is a very important element in an article and the success or failure of your article is highly dependent on your title. Formulate a tantalizing and attention grabber title.

INTRODUCTION. Absorbing, compelling, powerful and an easily understandable introduction is an excellent way to make your readers eyes constantly glued in your articles until the end.

CONTENT. As the saying goes content is King You may have the most catchy title every composed or a capturing introduction but if your content is lousy, your readers will stop reading your piece and click away. So do not waste opportunities to hook your readers, make all aspect of your article work for you.

KEYWORDS. Keywords are the main generators of traffic to your sites. If you have established strong keywords in your article, this will improve your search engine ranking, increasing the volume of your visitors. Be sure to insert the keywords in your articles in strategic locations ñ title, introductory and closing paragraphs and distributed evenly in the body of the article.

RESOURCE BOX. This is the lifeblood of your article since it connects you to your readers. A well composed material, free of promotional languages resource box is also one of the important decisive factors for publishers whether to publish your article or not. Your resource box must contain only basic information about you, your business and contact details with URL.

ARTICLE SUBMISSION. One thing important in submitting your articles is the submission rules of the publishers. Since you will benefit from getting your articles published better follow his rules. Rules change for every publication, thus, reading their guidelines is very important. Article banks, online directories and ezines accept submitted articles.

With all the reminders, common pitfalls and suggestions called to your attention by this article, these are enough points to guide you to your writing profession in the web.

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