Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your Landing Page Needs To Be Improved!

by Christopher M. Hall

What is the purpose of a landing page (sometimes called a squeeze page?) Well, the main objective of a landing page is to get your visitors to do something - now. Usually, you want visitors to subscribe to your e-list or purchase your product, and you don't want to wait. That is why it is important to have, not a good, not a great, but a fantastic landing page! Your landing page is your first impression, and everyone knows what they say about first impressions. Let's look at some of the keys to creating your fantastic landing page!

A Service or Product You Are Selling
While this may seem rather obvious, you have to have something that the visitor wants. Otherwise, why would they bother signing up or buying? And it should be something that you are proud to sell. I guess there are some remarkable marketers out there who can sell anything whether they believe in their product or not, but if I am going to my name on something, I want to believe in it.

An Authentic and Professional Landing Page
Nothing is a bigger turn-off to a visitor than going to a website and not being able to find their way around. Make your landing page easy to navigate. Have a graphic header, nice matching colors, decent size type (no small print), and a clear, concise call to action. Don't make the users guess at what they should do - tell them! Tell them where to click, what information is needed, how to checkout, and anything else they might need. Have an auto-responder that can send them an email immediately after they sign up. Don't have ads everywhere. Keep ads to a minimum when you are trying to sell something. You don't want your visitors that you worked so hard to get to go somewhere else.

Build Trust
This is one of the most important but difficult tasks in selling anything on the Internet - building trust. Trust takes time to build, and you have to build up as much as you can in just a few seconds. But there are a couple of things that will help your visitor trust you more, and the first place to start gaining that trust is on your landing page.

First of all, you can put a picture of yourself on your landing page. People like to see who they are dealing with. Also, you can put a digital copy of your signature on your website. Anything to make their visit feel more personal. Certainly, if you are selling something tangible, include a prominent picture of your product. If you are a member of the Better Business Bureau or some type of authenticated, trustworthy group, put their small logo on your webpage. People are looking for reasons not to trust you - you have to break down that skeptical attitude that we all possess.

These are just a few pointers on how to build a fantastic landing page. Oh, another way - look at other landing pages. Find a landing page that pulls you in, and use the principles they used to gain your trust. The good thing about the Internet - it is very easy to see what your competition is doing!

About the Author

I live in Adairsville, GA, just north of Atlanta. I have a wife and a dog (Skip), and I enjoy playing with both. I am learning how to sell on the Internet, and I want to share with others as I go. You can check out my website so that you can earn $55 in 30 minutes for FREE!