Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How To Indirectly Get Top Search Engines Positions

by Daniel Gebura

When you use search engines you can notice there are often millions of web sites matching your search criteria. That is quite big competition out there. The web sites displayed at the top 20 results for major search engines are the best optimized ones and picked by search engines as the most relevant for specific keywords. Web site optimization is a long process so if you can't reach the top spots or you don't want to wait for results too long you can achieve top placements indirectly.

The way to do it is simple. Just enter the keyword phrase and wait for the 20 top web sites to appear. Then try to advertise on them so that you get not only your link displayed on high traffic web site but also you get good quality back link that will help improve rankings of your own web site.

When it comes to advertise on those web sites, the most expensive way would be to buy ad space, however if you don't want to spend too much money you can do the following:

1.First way is to participate on their discussion boards posting questions and giving answers. You are allowed to add your signature with the link to your web site that will be displayed with every post you come up with.

2.You can also ask the web site owner to give away your free ebook to his visitors, so that you can include your ad in the ebook.

3.Try to submit the content to their web site. You can offer to the owner free articles that he can publish on his web site including your resource box with the link to your web site.

4.Another trick is to write positive article review of their web site and publish it on your web site. Then email the owner of that web site about it. As thanks they may link to the review from his web site for the visitors to read. This way you get another top indirect placement

5. Feel free to ask the owner of the web site if they would be interested in trading advertising. If your web site don't get as much traffic as his does, you can try to throw in some extra incentives.

6. Come up with a cross promotion deal proposal with the web site. That means you could advertise each other's products in the one package deal. That also means that link back to your web site would be mentioned on partner's web site as well.

7. Give the web site testimonial including small text link to your web site. You may expect that the testimonial will be published on their ad copy.

8. posting advertisement on their free classified section on their web site can be also very simple way to get link back to your web site.

9. Post text link for your website at their free links page. You should go back and repost your link frequently so it stays towards the top.

10. you can also sign their guest books and leave a short compliment about their web site. You will often be able to provide the link to your web site together with your name and comment.

The methods described above may not apply for all kinds of web site you come across, however if you can use them, do it with confidence. This way you will save pretty much money on advertising costs.

About the Author

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