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For Your Website, Boost Highly Targeted Traffic

by harjeet kaur

Any online businessman worth his salt knows that traffic is the most valuable commodity that he can get for his website. And highly targeted traffic is even better. If you have targeted web traffic coming to your site on a regular basis, you have more leads, more prospects, and better chances of securing those sales.

There are a lot of techniques and tactics to get that coveted traffic to your website. I have even tried some of them before. And to be blunt and honest about it, some of these techniques work; some don't. I have also been asked by a lot -and I mean A LOT รข€" of people what are the best and most effective ways for driving targeted traffic to their sites. That's why I decided to sit down and write this article to share some very useful techniques for getting those targeted traffic. I have used these techniques myself and found them to be effective. I hope you will, too.

First, you can try buying some traffic. If you want to go this route, I would suggest using PPC (pay-per-click) search engines. You can't go wrong with using PPC search engines if you want highly targeted, high quality traffic. Personally, they are my favorite sources of traffic especially when I want to test the waters on any new websites I have. Why? Because I want to see if my website can convert those high-quality prospects into customers. If not, then I know I'm doing something wrong.

Second on my list is trying out some banner ads. Yes, I remember those days when banner ads got a bad reputation when the dot-com bubble burst. Because of that, most online marketers are now leery of using them. But make no mistake about it: banner ads are a proven source of quality traffic, and right now they are also one of the most overlooked. One more good reason to use banner ads is that they are now dirt-cheap, as compared to what they once cost during the dot-com era. Back then, it would cost you around $80 to $100 per 1,000 impressions. Now, you can get them for as low as $5, perhaps less.

Speaking of overlooked traffic sources, I couldn't help but remember the next option: purchasing existing websites. This is the next technique I want to give you. What makes this method effective is that existing websites already have established themselves and accumulated a regular fan base, which will provide a steady stream of traffic for you. There are a lot of websites on the Internet that are enjoying relatively high traffic, but the owner hasn't found a way to cash in on that traffic. These sites are the best purchases for you.

Another effective method you can use is to take advantage of the search engines. Remember that 95% of Internet users go to search engines when they want to look for information online. Get the search engines to help you increase your website traffic. And how are you gonna do that? By creating websites that are rich in quality and unique content. If you haven't heard it by now, let me tell you that search engines just love unique content. This method is effective and long-lasting, but it can be extremely hard work producing the kind of content that is required to make this method effective.

Fifth on the list is to create your own traffic. Write articles or have them written by someone else, then submit them to article directories (make sure the articles contain an author biography with a link to your site). Create a website rich in content, or start your own affiliate program where you get other webmasters to send you traffic.

Last, but certainly not the least effective, is to go on joint ventures. This will be a win-win scenario for both partners. You start by sending JV proposals to your prospective partners, asking them to help you promote your site or your product. Split the profits with them or make a similarly attractive offer, and soon you'll see traffic piling up on your site from your JVs. Other offers you can propose to your JVs include exchanging links or ads. You place their ads on your website or newsletter, and they do the same with yours. Don't be afraid to ask for joint ventures, because it could mean at least 1,000 more visitors to your site, or even 100,000. If they say no, so what? At least you tried, right?

That's all I have to teach you for now. Just remember: if you don't take any kind of action, you will never see the kind of traffic you want.

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