Friday, August 22, 2008

For Targeted Traffic Connect With Niche Publishers - Article Marketing


These can be print or online. If you sell old advertising from the 1950s and 1960s, you'll want to link up with collectibles publishers' specific to that era. It really doesn't matter what you sell, you just have to find publishers who talk about the same things you do.

Your job doesn't end with finding these niche publishers. Get to know these people and pick their brains for any advice that will help you sell more of your affiliate products. A publisher who operates in the same niche as you has three things to offer you. First, they know what is currently hot in your affiliate product category. Second, they know where future trends are headed for your product category; what will be hot down the road. Third, they know other avenues for marketing your affiliate product that you may not have thought of.

A niche publisher knows if your affiliate product is one of the hot ones. If it is, they'll have information on the demographics of your target group. This demographic information from your target niche publisher helps you send focused content to them. Knowledge of your products demographics also helps you write targeted advertising for your affiliate products. When you know the characteristics of your target group, you can target your marketing efforts to their specific wants and needs.

A publisher in your niche will steer you in the direction of affiliate products that they see as being the next great thing. Because they know their readers, they can pass this information on to you. Augment your current affiliate product line-up with one of these new ones. You stay current with your product lines; your publisher gets current content from you specific to a new trend.

Again, a publisher in your product niche knows their market. This means they know a lot about your target market because they're the same or very similar. They can give you insight into this market. They know where this market group likes to shop, how much they're willing to spend within their niche. They know where this market group meets. They know where they talk about their mutual interests, whether it's online forums, or specific society meetings and associations. When you know where they go, put yourself there, too.

Bring something to the table for a niche publisher. Offer them quality content that informs their readers. The content provided must be information-packed and something their readers need. When a niche publisher receives great content from you, they will want to work with you long-term. They'll give you advice and resources to help promote your affiliate product in return for this content. You help them by giving them content that drives visitors to their site. They help you by giving you a prominent place on their platforms for getting your name and links out there.

The best way to connect with a publisher in your niche is to call them or send them e-mail. Let them know you want to provide them with quality content that serves their readers. Ask them to help you understand your affiliate product market better so you can target your content for them. They will welcome an affiliate marketer who tailors information specifically for their audience. They will reward you with knowledge of that audience so you can successfully market to them. They get great content for their sites and publications; you get an audience waiting for what you have to sell.

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