Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Or Blog

by Rahman Alwi

Affiliate marketing is one of the business models which one could start without a website and there are many other ways to market or promote an affiliate products or services. Anyone who wants to do affiliate business model could use many free methods in the internet to promote and make money online. The list below explains some of the free methods which could be used to promote affiliate products or services by anyone who is willing to spend some time online.

Email Marketing

A person could promote affiliate links using email. If you are in a membership site which allows you to email members freely or you have many friends who you communicate using email or any other source of email marketing which you could use without restriction, then you could email to these people any affiliate link which will divert people to the affiliate site. If they followed your affiliate link and purchased the product/service, you will get your commission.

Yahoo Answers

If you have seriously used a product which is useful to you and you would recommend it to others to try it out, then you could promote the product's (if there is affiliate program which comes with this product) affiliate program. You could find people who ask questions in Yahoo Answers related to the product which you plan to promote and answer the questions by explaining your experience using the product. You then could ask the asker to visit the site where the product could be obtained via your affiliate link. Do not simply push your affiliate link, but try to provide good answer to the question and guide the asker to the affiliate site.

Article Marketing

You could also use article marketing in promoting affiliate link. Even when many article directories which do not allow authors to use affiliate links in their author's signature section, but there are many directories which still allow authors to place the link. You need to spend some time to find these article directories and start writing article related to the aspect of the product or services which you are promoting. Article marketing has the potential to drive highly targeted visitors to an affiliate program.

YouTube Marketing

If you are good in producing videos which you could attract attentions of millions of people who surf YouTube site everyday, then you should make some video relating to the affiliate product which you are promoting. For example if you are promoting a product such as Sony Play Station, then you could make a video about this product being used in funny ways and post it in YouTube. People who watch the video might be interested in the Play Station and might purchase it via your link which appears in the video they watched.

Ebook Marketing

Viral ebook marketing is another form of marketing which one could use to promote affiliate programs. In viral marketing, you create an ebook which explains or provide certain information which are valuable for readers and make them want to share the information with their friends by passing around the ebook. Within the viral ebook, the author will leave affiliate links at certain strategic location in the ebook content, and upon readers clicking the links, readers will be taken to an affiliate sales page. With viral marketing, the more people pass around the ebook, the better chances of you making sales.

Above are only some of the methods which one could use to drive traffic to certain affiliate programs using affiliate links. If done properly, methods such as article marketing, YouTube, viral marketing and Yahoo Answers could be providing highly targeted traffic to the affiliate programs for many years to come as long the affiliate link remains active. This will increase the chances of an affiliate marketer to make a sale constantly.

About the Author

Rahman Alwi is an online entrepreneur who runs his online business from home. If you would like to know further information concerning affiliate marketing techniques, visit Affiliate Tutorial Center - 100% free