Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do I Require a Dedicated Server?

by Ricardo d Argence

When you made the decision to start your own website, you faced many different choices. Most likely you were offered many design choices, email addresses, blogging interfaces, and e-commerce choices. Once you have decided on the above, you must decide what type of hosting you desire for your website. The majority of people begin at an elementary level so they don't require a large hosting server. Many people choose to use either basic or deluxe shared hosting.

Shared hosting means that multiple websites are being hosted on a particular single server. Typically the simple and small business owner finds this to be okay, but say your business is gaining momentum, or if your website processes client matters that are top secret. Are you going to be worried if someone hacks into your website that will cause havoc even on your server? Is there a legitimate way to ensure that your server, files and databases are secure from anyone else accessing them? Of course there is. That assurance arrives in the style of a dedicated server.

As opposed to an unsecured shared server, a dedicated server is unique. Shared servers tend to be a popular selection for web hosting companies who set customers up for hosting. Space on the hard drive as well as the monthly bandwidth are "shared" among all of the customers on the server. This system generates a lot of security problems with persons on that particular server. A devoted server is precisely the opposite.

There is nothing on that server but your website and yourself. Having a dedicated server means it is used only by you. A dedicated server would be a good idea if you are running a highly confidential website such as a banking institution, doctor's website, high traffic ecommerce site, and anything with content-sensitive material.

Dedicated servers are popular with financial and medical institutions. Your host company should be able to provide you, at your request, with a dedicated server. But beware, unlike shared hosting, dedicated server hosting can be be expensive, because you have your very own server. No other person or entity will be able to contribute to the cost with you. You can check with your current company to learn dedicated server options that best meet your website needs.

There are many benefits to using a dedicated server. Security is one of the main benefits. You don't have to worry about people hacking your website anymore. The complete server and everything inside is yours. You have maximum storage space, more bandwidth, data transfer, and above all you have your own control panel.

Most control panels use Plesk Cpanel. And with the Cpanel come the many choices in software, for instance: Wordpress, PHPBB, Joomla (CMS), Drupal, Siteframe, phplinks, MySQL databases, phpAdmin, apache, and the list goes on! However, dedicated servers can be very costly. A dedicated server can be cheaper when compared to renting shared space either per month or per year.

Take all these things into consideration and then ponder over them for a while. Before making your choice to switch to a dedicated server or to stay with a shared server, decide whether or not you can risk any compromises in your website's security. If security is not an issue as much as lots of bandwidth, then maybe you could upgrade your shared server. But if you deal with credit cards and other personal information on your site, you should really consider switching to a dedicated server hosting plan.

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