Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Auto Responders are Ideal Promotional Tools

by Caleb Anderson

Auto Responders are e-mail components that allow individuals to request the details about your products, company information and services. The tools direct details to the requester in retort to a blank e-mail that they send to your e-mail address.

Auto responders are ideal promotional tools and essential if you have an online marketing venture. Few people call them as autobot, eMailer or mailbot. Whatever name you use to address them, they automatically reply to the incoming messages without any human intervention.

Auto responders save time and you can use them for several purposes. They work 24/7, provided you use good quality, reliable suppliers. Therefore, if you want to increase the traffic flow to your web sites, auto responders are the best bet.

Most people use auto responders to take down information of online visitors. For instance, when individuals arrive at an auto responder installed site, the web page opens and displays a pop-up message asking individuals to fill their names or e-mail ids in that web page. The auto responder stores these e-mail ids.

Later, the software automatically sends mails to those individuals giving information about a product or service. The purpose is to track potential customers. Even if 2 out of 10 people respond to e-mails daily and buy the products, it proves beneficial for your business.

Types of Auto Responders:

Auto responder services:

The first type includes auto responder services. These are web site based services allowing Internet marketers to send series of mails to an online visitor, who had requested your product information through a web based page present on your site or some other web site. This site is the one to which you have given permission to direct online visitors to your web site. In the latter case, service providers offer HTML code to other sites that link auto responders of your web site.

The advantage of this type is that, you can easily set it up. Apart from this, they are reliable and host free, which means you do not have to access or assort the information of visitors. Instead, the tools do this job for you.

Auto responders programs (scripts):

You can also choose to buy auto responder programs or scripts. Programmers write these programs in perl and the programs require CGI access code to your server. There are several types of such potential and affordable programs available in the market. If you choose to support several web sites, then the suppliers offer you the programs at a very less cost. However, you need to pay additional fee if you use such programs on numerous computers at a given time.

Such auto responders offer high flexibility and can send numerous e-mails to different consumers at the same time.

Setting Up an Auto Responder:

When you set an auto responder on your web site, it generates a code. You have to put this code on the web form of your site. If you are intending to offer free subscription or other offers to attract visitors, you need to place the web form beneath the free offer, so that interested individuals can easily fill their names as well as e-mail ids.

After placing the form, you will have to write a general reply to the subscriber's request and then load it in the auto responder. When someone fills a form on your web site and clicks the submit tab, their detail goes to auto responders, which send your e-mails (product details) to them immediately.

This shows potential consumers that customer service is your priority. Moreover, you can send thousands of e-mails, which otherwise you cannot manage on your own. Thus, auto responders, if used correctly, can become the profit making pulse of your Internet-marketing venture.

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