Monday, July 28, 2008

Add Audio to Websites - 5 Important Benefits

by A.Basu

Streaming Audio used to be an expensive option for webmasters that made their sites stand out from the crowd. However, due to rapid improvements in technology, streaming audio costs have significantly reduced due to increased broadband penetration and improved streaming software efficiency.

Audio has always proved itself to be an effective tool for branding purposes and for increasing sales conversions on merchant websites. Due to the lower cost of hosting streaming audio solutions, virtually any webmaster can afford to install and host their own audio streaming script.

The main benefits for webmasters associated with streaming audio are:

1. Product conversion rates are increased

Through effectively using audio buttons on a website, customer interaction increases and improves the odds of converting an undecided customer into a paying customer. The more engaged a person is when shopping on your site, the better their shopping experience and the more likely they are to buy and to recommend your products to their friends.

2. Newsletter Subscriptions can increase

Most webmasters who build up subscriber lists are fully aware of the importance of building quality opt-in subscribers as this increases the chance of future sales of related products and services. Streaming audio clips can be included throughout website content that remind visitors about the site newsletter and the benefits of subscribing to it.

3. Existing inventory of products can be increased

If you currently sell any digital download products such as reports or e-books, it is possible to increase existing inventory through adding an audio version if appropriate. This can be added alongside existing products as a separate product or added to existing product to increase your competitive advantage over rivals.

4. Audio testimonials can add real value

Traditional written customer testimonials can serve a useful purpose in helping to convince potential visitors to your site into buying products. However, audio testimonials can add even more weight as it gives a voice to those satisfied customers.

5. Bounce rates are reduced

Adding audio to your website can help reduce bounce rates of website traffic. This improves the perception of usefulness in the eyes of search engines and can help gain more trust in your domain and therefore help stabilize your search engine ranking. It can also help improve site visitor experience by guiding visitors to useful sections within your website that may not otherwise be obvious from the basic navigation structure of your site.

Overall, if your website can actively engage visitors for longer periods of time, it will add more trust in your product or service. Implementing streaming audio can therefore indirectly increase sales conversions as visitors are also more likely to recommend your website to their friends.

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