Friday, June 6, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Facts and Tips

by Paul Barksdale

It truly amazes me how many people think that they can just sign up for an affiliate program and start cashing their checks. I guess it's not all their fault, with all the hype floating around in the air surrounding these programs.

So how are you supposed to make money as an affiliate?

What you should be looking for when joining an affiliate program...

First and foremost, you must get involved with a program you actually believe in. One that you are passionate about and are totally convinced that it will help people achieve whatever their goals may be when they join. If you jump on the band wagon of every new program that comes along, you will not only reduce your effectiveness you will also loose interest very quickly when you are not making money from it.

Most people trying to make money on-line tend to get in on a program based on all the hype surrounding it and really have no idea of what they want to accomplish by becoming a member. They just want to make tons of money like whoever is promoting it tells them they can, quit their day job and move to a secluded island and retire; which totally defeats the purpose of joining in the first place. Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it simply doesn't work that way.

Do your due diligence before you join; no excuses here...

Before you join, you must do your homework and know who is running it, and if possible, who your sponsor will be. A good successful sponsor can be like money in the bank. Try to find someone with a proven track record and do what they do. Don't try to re-invent the wheel. It's almost imperative that you have a mentor, someone who really cares that you are a member and one that you can contact for help on a regular basis.

Don't be shy, email or call them, ask questions and pick their brain about how the program is working for them. And yes, ask them how much money they have made with it. While they may not be totally truthful, and you shouldn't expect them to reveal exact dollars and cents, at least you will get a feel for who they are and what their goals are for being involved with it.

Map out your road to success; this is an absolute must...

Trying to succeed today with affiliate Internet marketing for most people is like taking a trip they've never been on and not looking at a road map before they begin. All they see or seem to care about is how much money they can make. When you don't have a plan to follow you ill go round and round in circles and end up back where you started. Which for most people is to jump on the next get rich quick, hyped up program they run across.

You must realize that all these programs you are joining are most likely written by expert copy writers whose sole job is to get you blinded and salivating over all the money that you think you're going to make when you join. What they fail to tell you, most of the time is, there's actually a lot of work involved before you start to make money. And this is where people get sided tracked a eventually loose their focus.

Take my advice when I say that a real legitimate money making program will take your time and effort to be successful. It's not all about joining up and thinking that the cash is going to start flowing in.


* Find a program you believe in and disregard all the bells and whistles. Get to the guts of the actual reason it exists and then determine if it's something you can really believe in. If the only reason you are signing up in the first place is to get rich quick, then don't even bother. You're wasting your time.

* Quit jumping on every program that comes along and find a legitimate one that you have done your homework on and can devote all your attention to for at least one year, minimum. Persistence and focus should be your key points. This gives you name recognition as well as brands you as someone who is serious.

* Find out who your sponsor will be if at all possible. Ask them to be your mentor. If they don't response to your email or phone call within a reasonable length of time, move on to another one.

* Plan your trip, and follow your plan. Set some goals and stick to them. Get serious with yourself, do some soul searching and find out if what you are getting involved with will really help others. One of your goals should be to get into a program that will allow you to really serve the members that will follow behind you and take into account that they were probably once where you were when you started.

If you will implement the guidelines above when you consider becoming an affiliate marketer you will find yourself getting involved for all the right reasons and realize that it's not all about just making money. It's about what you are giving back that means even more.

About the Author

Paul Barksdale has been involved with Internet Marketing and Affiliate programs for the last 10 years and has been very successful. He has been involved in many joint ventures but prefers to keep a low profile.