Monday, June 30, 2008

Affiliate Marketing: 5 Reasons why you need a blog

by Mark Voce

Every day thousands of blogs are created, you have no doubt seen them, you have perhaps used them, maybe you have your own blog already. But why are blogs so popular for affiliate programs. These are my top 5 reasons for using a blog for affiliate marketing.

1. Quick and easy to update

Blogs are fast and easy to update, in just a matter of seconds you can create a new post with a new article you have written, you can add your latest video from YouTube or upload your latest photos. You can do all this without having to worry about writing new web pages, messing around with code and uploading your new page. Your blog will handle all the technical bits and pieces for you.

2. Interaction with visitors

Blogs allow interaction between you and your visitors, if you write a post that your visitors find useful they can leave their comments. They will ask you questions and you can answer so it starts becoming a little like a chat site. The benefit is that other visitors can see these questions and comments, so if they have the same question they will find the answer. When selling a affiliate product nothing even come close to a testimonial from a satisfied customer on your blog. This level of interaction moves they website away from being your website and becomes your visitors website, more like a community with many returning visitors.

3. Search engine friendly

Blogs are very popular with search engines. Search engines love websites that have lots of updates and lots of content. The more good content you have the more popular you will be with the search engines, this make blogs ideal. You can add new content every day or at least a couple of times a week and its all quick and easy. Blogs can also be setup to ping other websites to notify them when you have made a update, this means other websites can link to yours if you have some relevant content.

4. Sell multiple products

On a blog you can sell multiple affiliate programs or products. You can offer recommendations, reviews, comparisons, behind the scenes coverage. You can say why you have used this product and what success it has given you. When choosing affiliate products to sell you need to ensure they all fit into the same niche. For example if you are interested in health and fitness do not sell product about affiliate marketing, you need to look like the specialist in your field. not someone who is just trying to make a quick buck by selling whatever they can get their hands on.

5. Expanding resource

A blog is a constantly expanding online resource. You are always expanding your content by adding new posts and new comments. Every time a visitors leaves a comment this is again adding to your content. On a traditional web page it is too common to replace old content with new so your quantity of content is not expanding. With regards to content you need to remember one simple phrase "Content is King", this means that the more content you have the better as it has more chance of getting picked up by the search engines.

I wish you the best of success.

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