Monday, May 19, 2008

Why You Can't Earn A Good Income With Affiliate Marketing?

by Scott Bamboo

Clickbank is the best affiliate resources for anyone who wants to sell digital products. But not all affiliates who sell Clickbank products will become a successful affiliate; in fact many affiliates who hope to earn commission with affiliate marketing failed to earn the luxury income that they are dreaming for. If there are affiliates who success with those affiliate programs such as Clickbank, then definitely there is nothing wrong with the affiliate program itself, then why you can't generate a good income stream like other affiliates who are able to do so?

Here are a few reasons of failure:

1. Wrong Expectation

No doubt affiliate business is the simplest online business that you can get started easily. What you need to do is sign up a free Clickbank account and generate the affiliate link that contains your affiliate ID (Clickbank affiliate link is known as hop link), you can start affiliate marketing by promoting the Clickbank products with your affiliate link either with or without the need to have your own website. Many new affiliates think that easy to get started means easy to get successful as well and they hope to see their sales skyrocket by simply put up a simple website or directly promote the products through Pay-per-click campaigns without the study of the effectiveness of their campaigns.

2. No Effective Marketing Plan

Like every other business, to be successful in affiliate marketing, your need to put in NOT just efforts and time, but ALSO put in place an effective marketing plan on how to promote your selected affiliate products. If you are new to affiliate marketing, and think that learning from zero can be very time consuming, then following the blueprint of affiliate marketing gurus can be the shortest path to success.

There are many e-books published by super affiliates and internet marketing gurus that you can use as guides and reference to help you come out with an effective marketing plan and marketing campaigns which will deliver positive results. You can copy their blueprint step by step so that you can avoid the mistakes made you most affiliates who failed in the business.

3. Simply Give Up Too Early

Many affiliates hope to start their affiliate business today and be successful by tomorrow or in the short period of time. When they did not see the result, they simply quit. In fact, affiliate marketing is not a get quick scheme that will enable you to earn fast money. You need to put in time and efforts to make it success. But, comparatively to other traditional businesses, you can success in online business in shorter time if you are using the right techniques and tools. You can see result in 6 to 12 months time, but there are people take years to achieve their success. It really depends on how much efforts you have put in, the marketing strategies and the niche markets you are targeting.

4. Promote Too Many Products

This is the common mistake make by new affiliates. Although there any many products for you to choose in Clickbank, it's not wisely to promote too many products without considering your marketing budget. If you are new and do not have websites that drive generic search traffic, you probably will use Pay-per-click services as your marketing engine. It the traffic you generate from these pay-per-click campaigns does not convert well, you will lose money. In order to maximize the potential earnings of the traffic you generated, you should only select those affiliate products that are able to convert well.


Affiliate marketing is the simplest business models that enable you earn money online. The business model has been proven to be a successful model that benefits both merchants and affiliates. If you can't earn a good income from affiliate marketing, the fault is probably at your side.

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