Friday, May 9, 2008

Understanding the importance of web hosting along with E-Commerce

by Dimitry

A web hosting service can be used for various types of websites. Based on the nature of the website, you must make the right decision to choose the right type of web hosting. If you have an e-commerce related website then in that case you will have to be very cautious by using the right type of web host. This is mainly because e-commerce is a very security conscious based business. It has to be handled with great alertness. E-commerce basically deals with transactions of products or services online. These products are in the form of virtual shop fronts, B2B (business to business), buying and selling etc. Your ecommerce website deals with handling of the money that you earn from products / services that you sell. Hence it is extremely important to have the right web host.

If you are using ecommerce with your website, it means that you can accept money 24/7, even while you are offline. You also are able to provide payment options to customers. It can be in the form of PayPal, credit cards or even allow the customers to purchase online products through the conventional methods of checks too. If you want your money transactions to be safe, you have to go for a dedicated web hosting service. Mostly web hosting services are offered by using a shared server. It means that this server is being shared between you and also other paying customers. This can lead to traffic bottlenecking and other important security issues. Choosing a hosting on a shared server is definitely not a wise idea if your web host has to deal with your money through your website. A dedicated server is always recommended for an e-commerce related website.

In a dedicated server, you will find no other websites sharing the same server as in the case of a shared server. This will eliminate issues of security and you will also have not traffic issues with a dedicated server. You just have to rent your server and this dedicated server will do justice to your online business since the dedicated server will be dedicated to your own online business only. There are many unscrupulous people out there who always try to steal other peoples money through online. So, the only way to safeguard your money businesses and reputation is by relying on a dedicated server. Dedicated servers provide the facility of more storage space, more bandwidth for data transfer and more software and script options.

A dedicated server is beneficial in all ways. However, there is a flip side and it is the cost factor. Yes, a dedicated server is expensive. The main reason behind this is that the server is dedicated completely to your needs. In a shared type of server, the cost can be collectively managed by a group of people who are sharing the server. But in the case of a dedicated server the cost is going to borne by you since the entire server is dedicated just for you. You can yet look out for an economical dedicated server if you want to safe guard your valuable website transactions.

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