Monday, May 12, 2008

Success in Online Home Business

by Kelvin Lee

Starting a home business is the dream of everyone as it can gives us ultimate freedom and the chance to achieve financial success. Although starting a home business can be done with a low startup of less than $100, but most people get out of this business in less than 6 months. This is because people tends to think that they can earn six figure income from the online home business simply by reading some ebooks or listening to some audio programs.

It is sad to say that in order to earn a six figure income in this business, you have to at least work hard on it for eight to twelve months. Do not be deceived by those ebooks or audio programs that promises a few thousand dollars income within a short time. There is no shortcut to success and in order to own success, you have to do the following

1) A correct mindset: you have to treat this as a real business which requires advertisement, time and effort to succeed. In this business, you have to focus on bringing traffic to your website through various advertisement method. Note that advertisement does not mean that you have to spend a huge fortune on it as there are several free traffic generation methods which are very effective too. All you have to do is to give your marketing effort some time for it to take effect.

2) Track your Advertisement: it is very important to know which traffic generation method is effective and which is not and the best way to know is through tracking your ads. There are several software available online that allows you to track your advertisements to see whether they are performing or not. Cut those method that do not works and improve those method that works for you.

3) Train your Downline: This is extremely important if you are focusing on online MLM business, you have to develop a strategy which works for you and then train your downline to do the same thing so that they can be as successful as you. In this online mlm business, your downline success will directly determine your success as well and all you have to do is to duplicate your upline and then teach them to your downline.

4) Have Integrity: This is the most fundamental principle in any business you go into. when you have integrity, people will trust you more and thus willing to follow you in whatever you do. However if you have lost the trust of your people, i can tell you this: YOU ARE OUT OF THE BUSINESS ALREADY! Therefore it is very important for you to develop integrity in this business as most people thought that no one can see who they are and what they are doing online. But remember: news do spread especially bad news.

With all these in mind, you can set yourself out for a successful online career.

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About the Author

The Author is a Full Time Internet Marketer after Quitting his day job as an Engineer in a Multinational Company