Thursday, May 22, 2008

Secrets to Picking a Company that will Provide You with Long Term Affiliate Revenue

by Glinda McDuffie

With the number of companies currently doing business on the Internet it's inconceivable that all of them are going to last the year, much less long enough to become a major force in the market and provide you with the affiliate revenue you deserve. How do you choose an affiliate program to work with that's going to keep you making money hand over fist for years to come, and what do you do once you find it?

The secret to making affiliate revenue is to choose a company that's stable and that is guaranteed to bring in enough profits to make your affiliate revenue worth the amount of time you're going to put into earning it. With that in mind, look for these things when choosing a company with which to affiliate:

1st: Look for a company that offers something people want to buy. No one is going to make a commission selling products that people don't want-what's ten percent of nothing? In order to make the kind of affiliate revenue that's going to justify the hours you're going to spend formulating your marketing plan and putting it into action you need to pick a company that offers a product that appeals to a wide group of people-and that they're going to be willing to pay for.

2nd: Try to find a company that's already made a place for itself on the market. It's okay to come in and be a part of a company's developmental years, but you want it to be worth it. A quick Google search will make it readily apparent which companies are making a place for themselves on the market and which are just floating along hoping to be discovered. This doesn't mean that you can't make an affiliate revenue off of a company that's still in virtual diapers, it just means you should proceed with caution.

3rd: Choose a company that's willing to pay a sizable commission. These companies are already in the black, and so they're willing to provide more recognition to their affiliates than their counterparts that are just squeaking by. A company that's managed to find its way into the black, particularly if it's just getting started, is a company with the drive and ambition to keep going in a competitive market-and to take you with them.

4th: Work with the big Kahuna, not its offshoots. An affiliate of a major company is going to be more vulnerable (and therefore a less stable source of affiliate income) than its parent company. There are very few affiliate companies that aren't going to be willing to work with an affiliate of their parent company, so you aren't in any way, shape or form limiting yourself by shooting for the source first.

There's really no guarantee that any company you want to affiliate yourself with is going to be a reliable source of affiliate income, but you can cut the risk and your potential losses with a company that's got what it takes to be around for a long, long time.

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