Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finding the Proper Niche

by Nicholas

A niche website is a website created on a specific topic. One of the main characteristic of a niche website is that there are few similar websites discussing the same topic (subject). Once you have found a niche you must take advantage right away, because you are already one step ahead other webmasters which are creating websites on general topics. Try to be different. This is a must if you want to be a successful Webmaster. The Internet is full of websites discussing the same topics.

Let's start by giving some examples.

A website discussing the subject "snails" is a niche website. The topic "snails" is a topic discussed on a relatively limited number of websites. Let's take for example the topic "games". This is not a niche topic because if you search the Internet for keyword "games" you will find millions of websites related to this subject. "Games", "music" or "news" aren't niche topics. They are too general. Fewer the search results, better the niche.

Let's go deeper into the problem.

Even if the topic "snails" is a niche, you can take much more advantages from it. For example, the topic "snail recipes" is related to "snails" and has fewer results when searching the Internet. This means that "snail recipes" topic is a better niche than "snails" topic and you can take advantage from it. So a niche topic could be divided into smaller niche topics. But let's take "games" for example. As we have already discussed, this is not a niche topic. But if you go deeper, and think about "snow games" for example, you may have found a niche. It's not the best niche of course, but try to go deeper with your search and find "snow games for children" for example. This is a better niche already.

Do you understand what I mean?

Start thinking from generally to particular. Choose a general topic and start dividing it. Go deeper and deeper and see what you get. Niche topics represent small percents of all Internet topics. But even general topics like "music" and "games" can be divided into niches. Try to find out which are these. Use your imagination. A Webmaster without imagination is not a valuable Webmaster. Imagination is one of the main keys in succeeding online. And you will have to use yours.

There is still a problem: if you choose a topic that has few results when searching the Internet, you must also check for its relevance. Finding a niche topic by the number of search engine results is not enough. The topic itself must have relevance to the people.

Tip: in order to find good niche topics just relax and think about the things you like. Let your mind fly and you will get a good idea for sure. You have to use your imagination, if you want to be a successful Webmaster. If you can't find a good niche today, don't give up and try again tomorrow. Your hard efforts will be rewarded in the end.

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