Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Explode Your Clickbank Commissions

by Sophie Le Cuiche

Clickbank is an online affiliate marketing program that can pay you up to 75% commission for each person you refer to a product that this person buys. It is free to register with Clickbank and you can have an account with them even if are already a member of other affiliate programs. There are about 10000 products to choose from on the Clickbank marketplace, usually e-books on a wide range of topics such as weight-loss, affiliate marketing, pets, hobbies and more.

If you want to earn commissions from Clickbank, the classical way to do this once you have a website or blog (owning one of these is not compulsory but it is a great help, especially if you really want to earn money from affiliate marketing) is to choose one or several products from Clickbank's marketplace that are related to your niche, write positive reviews about your chosen products and encourage your website's visitors to buy the products.

Selecting the right products to promote on your website can be slightly confusing as there are so many to choose from; if you don't want your website to look like a big advertising platform for different products, you must only select two or three products and concentrate your efforts on promoting these. Once you have chosen the products that you think can bring you the most affiliate revenue, you must create a hoplink (a special code containing your Clickbank affiliate id) that you must insert in your website so that people who click on this link can buy the product and you can earn a commission. What if I told you that there is another way to earn money from Clickbank, without you having to carefully choose the right product for your website, a way that allows you to earn commission from every single one of the 10000 products from Clickbank's marketplace without having to create a hoplink for each?

A Clickbank Portal is a website that does just that: it is a website that you can get for free and that comes with free hosting and useful tools allowing you to promote it all over the Internet. Your hoplink is automatically inserted in each of the products from your portal; all you have to do is promote this one portal in order to get many visitors who can choose themselves any product they would like to buy. This Clickbank portal is professionally designed and very easy to navigate, so it doesn't matter whether your visitors are interested in fishing guides, parenting e-books or money-making reports, they can easily find what they want and you can expect your commission checks to multiply as you promote your portal.

A great way to earn money from your portal also is to get more people to sign up for their own free portal, which is not difficult once you highlight all the benefits they will get from owning such a fantastic tool; if your referrals buy the advertised product they see when they join through your link, you earn 51% of this in commission and even though you will not earn commission on the products they sell from their own portals, there is a 2-tier affiliate program which means that when your referrals' referrals make money on sales from their portals, you also make money.

Affiliate marketing has never been so easy. A Clickbank portal is a powerful tool that will provide you with a great residual income; not only will you earn commissions from a wide range of products, but on top of this you can also make money giving free portals away!

About the Author

Sophie Le Cuiche shares her knowledge of affiliate marketing and other free online money-making opportunities on Smart Ways to Earn Money Online with Internet Junkie. If you are interested having your own Clickbank Portal, you can get one here.