Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Basic Survival Techniques For Newbie Affiliate Marketers

by Andy Machin

If you are new to internet marketing you are probably thinking it is very simple. All you have to do is slap up a generic sales page for a product you have bought and wait for the money to come rolling in. Right? Wrong. There is much more to it than that. Let me show you a few basic survival techniques for the newbie.

Consider using unique web pages to promote each product you are marketing. Most stuff you buy with resale rights will include a sales page for you to use. If you use that page you are using the same as many other people marketing the same product. If you can think about putting together your own sales page to make your approach that bit different from your competition.

Unbiased product reviews based on your own personal experience of using the product in question are very powerful sales persuaders. A review shows you are marketing something you have tried for yourself, had a positive experience of using and are now happy to recommend that product to others on that basis. Think about it. Would you buy something from a generic sales page or would you prefer to buy the same thing from a seller who is showing you their experience of it.

Following on from the review, another approach to set you apart from the herd is to put together your review in to a format you can then give to your web site visitors in exchange for their email address to build your opt-in mailing list. Or even create a short series of articles about the product you wish to market and use the series to sell the product gently to your subscribers.

In fact capturing email addresses and following up by autoresponder is much more likely to result in a sale that by somebody casually dropping on your website. The casual visitor most likely will not purchase from that visit and indeed may never return. So by capturing the email address and employing your autoresponder ethically - that means not sending unsolicited email or spamming - you are reminding them of the product, giving them additional information about it and enhancing your prospects of a sale. You are also building a relationship with that prospect which is useful for longer term marketing.

For your email follow up action focus on aspects such as what the benefits of the product are and how your potential customer can in turn benefit from owning it themselves.

Try to write couple of articles per week of around five hundred words and submitting them to the major article directories. By taking such action you can drive much targeted traffic to your web site and enhance your search engine rankings at the same time by placing a link back to your web site in a resource box at the foot of each article.

These brief survival tactics can help you get a start as a newbie internet marketer and will form the foundation of your marketing efforts. It just requires a little time and effort but can pay dividends for years to come. Why not make yourself your own internet marketing action plan and start today?

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