Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Art Of Creating Headers For Your Sites

by Larry Strait

When most people think of the header on their website, they think of their company's name being blown up and posted on the top of the page. This is certainly one option for a header, but there is so much more you can do to capture the reader's attention. Creating headers should be viewed as a work of art because there is no limit as to what you can create.

To truly have an affect on people, it is essential that you are creative and fresh. There is no room for creating a bland and generic header. All this will do is immediately tell your visitors that your site is like everyone else's they have been to. You have the opportunity to send a message that your site is new and enticing.

The tricky part is sending this message in only a few words and a little bit of space. Creating headers that are original can be difficult because of the challenge that you face. And what you end up finding is that many people quickly place a generic header and move on to the next facet of their website.

You have to realize that every area of your website can make or break a sell. Therefore, take the time to create a visual image in your header that will stick with every visitor. Give them a theme they can associate your website to, because at the end of the day your goal is to have people remembering you and your site.

The easiest way to go about creating headers for your site is through software or a program of some sort. Having software will allow you to create masterpieces within a few words. It will also cut down on some time because of the ability to mix and match your designs and generate the finished product all through computer programming.

When it comes to the artistic components of your header, there are several areas you should focus on. One area is the color you select. You want the header to correlate with the rest of your site, but stand out. How much you want it to stand out is up to you, but be cautious about placing a neon green header on a site. It is vital that it still looks professional.

The design of the print is where you can begin to toy around and have some fun. There is a plethora of different fonts and designs, and having header software supplies you with even more. Try to think about the theme of your site and then match the style of your header with it. If you have a fun and light-hearted site, do not be afraid to give the header some pizazz. But if you have an attorney site, something bold will probably suit you best.

Creating headers is far more than placing the name of your company in basic Times New Roman font across the top of the page. Having software such as Header Generator allows you to create artistry with the header that will stick with each visitor. Then you will have a header that is serving its true purpose of turning visitors into customers.

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