Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Do You Need a Content Management System

by Ricardo d Argence

Content management systems are a suite of tools that handle a lot of the technical aspects of website management for web developers.

While you can make a simple static web page with just raw HTML, the sophistication of how web sites are built and maintained mean that this can be a Sisyphean task over the long haul, with Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic HTML and embedded RSS feeds.

Good managers can not only make your life easier, but it can save you time, money, and above all save you from the headache of manually updating your site or outsourcing changes.

Here are seven ways it can benefit your business, no matter level of technical knowledge you possess.

What used to take legions of programmers weeks to do is now packaged in a set of server side applications that you can install (or may already be installed) on your web server.

What a CMS does is provide you with an easy (well, easier) to use interface on the fiddly details of managing the cascading style sheets, and cascading elements of your web site.

Instead of having to dig deep into the code, you're presented with a style editor, and can change font selections, point sizes, background colors recurring graphical elements, all without having to dig into the coding yourself.

Furthermore, good content management systems also provide you with an interface to upload new content, new graphics, blog posts, controlled posting areas, the ability to add graphics to a library without doing a lot of hand coding.

Now, there is a time investment in learning a content management system. Getting the hang of a content management system early on will give you an advantage in maintaining your sight in the long run.

As a matter of fact, the time spent in running a content management system can pay for itself in under a month. Even so, the time to go to a content management system may be after you've done your first few pages on the site, rather than from ground zero; certainly by the time you put three pages up, a content management system is probably a better choice.

If you want to publish a newspaper, managing articles or looking for a consistent look and feel you should use a CMS, using which you or your associate can easily maintain and extend yourself without having much knowledge of programming or designing.

This way you can always greet your website visitors with fresh contents and your current information's. I can foresee that if you want to extend your net presence content wise strongly you should be adopting a content management system which can be easily customized as per your needs.

One of the other major benefits of a content management system is preventing link rot, where old links tend to get outdated; a content management system is critical to making your web site easy to update and easy to maintain.

To summarize, a CMS consists of an easy-to-use administration area that allows for fast, simple updating of a website's content, while hiding the technical details of how a database stores and retrieves that content.

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