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Webmaster Tools and Resources: How to Find Super Lucrative Tools and Resources that Will Run Your Online Business Profitably

by Soon Chai Lim

One major key factor to online success is to run your online business with the aid of quality web tools and resources.

I'm sure most of you already knew about this long ago but the sad thing is many webmasters or website owners till today still do not know the exact way to find themselves good tools and resources to help their online businesses soar.

Ended up they wasted tons of hours and massive amount of money in finding their best "weapons" and hopped from one company (or service provider) to another until they found the right one.

This is not efficient and not cost-effective.

Now here I'm going to reveal to you my secrets of how I got myself quality tools and resources to work for me and run my online business profitably so that you can follow suit and increase your online sales as well.

Take note before we proceed: You may find this 5-step solution a common sense to you but the thing is, how many people actually use their common sense to do things effectively?

So here we go and follow these guidelines and you'll be 5 steps closer to increasing your online profits than those who do not follow.

Step 1: Recommendation From Trusted Sources

First thing first, look for tool or resource that are ONLY recommended by trusted figures like some well-known gurus/experts or reputable companies.

The reason is simple. Well-known gurus/experts or reputable companies need to uphold their reputation so as to gain a stronger foothold on the Internet.

If they recommend something lousy to people, guess what will happen to their credibility and reputation?

Nobody will believe what they say anymore and their reputation could be razed to the ground overnight just by a stupid and unworthy recommendation they had made. Agree?

But you don't just stop here and buy though you're reasonably safe at this point until you move on to the next few steps.

Step 2: Money Back Guarantee or Free Trial

Yes, the second step is to check whether the company that sells the tool or resource you need offers any free trial or money back guarantee for you to try out their product/service at zero risk.

Usually, if a company has great confidence in the quality of their products or services, they would offer you free trial or refund to help you get off the fence.

And if after testing their product/service, you like it then you can go on to make a long-term deal with them.

This is a very good insurance against you losing money as you won't have to waste money on something you don't feel good with.

Step 3: Pre-Sale Check

Here you'll have to block out a little time because you need to get in touch with their customer support service to find out if they treasure you as a potential long-term user of their product/service or not.

When companies are poor in this, do you think they will be good at providing after-sale service especially when you encounter some technical issues during using their product/service?

Serious companies that run serious business will do their utmost to satisfy their prospects in their pre-sale customer service.

They will be responsive to your queries and answer your every question according to what you want to know.

Then from their response time and answers to your queries, you can roughly gauge whether that particular company is treating you like a dirt or gem.

If they treat you like a gem, then of course your next move is to test out their product/service.

Otherwise, there isn't a need to go to the next step, just hop to the next better player.

Step 4: Test the Product/Service

Now, in this step you may have to make a payment upfront if the company of the tool or resource you need does not offer a free trial but money back guarantee.

Not to worry though since you've come all the way here and it should be pretty safe to you that the company will honor their refund promise should you need to back out within their money back guarantee period.

Be sure to make full use of the free trial or money back guarantee period to test out the tool or resource thoroughly.

Step 5: Post-Sale Check

This is basically to check again their customer service after you pay the money but which you're still eligible for the refund or you have signed up for their free trial.

The reason for doing this is to check for the consistency of their customer service.

Some companies provide great pre-sale but poor post-sale support. You would want to have a company (or service provider) that provides you with superior support from the time you were their prospect to the time you become their customer, wouldn't you?

But what to check on? While using their product/service you're bound to have some doubts, get them to clear your doubts then. This way not only you can get your doubts cleared but at the same time can test out their customer support service again.

If they're good in this aspect also, then you can safely deduce that this company (or service provider) of the tool or resource you're testing now is one that you can do a long-term business with.

My Last Word

If you apply this 5-step solution, you may find that it takes you some time to sort out the quality tools and resources for your online business use. But nothing can be further from the fact that if you don't apply, you'll waste even more time in trying to look for a deal that you can hold on for life.

If however, you really don't have the time or simply don't wish to spend so much time in researching the quality tools and resources, then you can find some websites (like that already have the quality stuff sorted out. All you need to do is just pick and use. Period.

About the Author

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