Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Importance of Linking

by sahil kumar

The easiest way of improving your ranking in the search engines is link building. Link building is the practice of encouraging other websites to link to your own website.

If other websites are linking to your website, your "link popularity" will increase, search engines will deem your website important, and in turn, you should receive more traffic. The majority of search engines use link popularity as an important factor in ranking relevancy. Link popularity simply is the number of links from other websites that point to your website.

The links that we use on the site have a useful mechanism of re-directing net users who made a visit to another site going to your own site address. If you are able to capture the right way of performing the re-direction through good linking strategy, then you have a better chance of getting the outcome that you desire- more traffic.

But Search engines are not just looking for the number of links; they are looking for quality links. Quality links are links from website that possess a high Page Rank. As Search engines consider the theme of a website which links to you, it is best to get links from websites that are associated with the industry in which you do business.

How to obtain links

  • One of the preeminent ways to advance your sites link popularity is to offer quality and informative content to your visitors and get natural links in return. If they find the information interesting enough, they will naturally link their website to your own.
  • Directory submissions are the fastest and easiest way to obtain inbound links. But, because Internet directories link to thousands of other websites, their value gets diluted by all the other links. You should submit to industry related directories to indicate to the search engines your line of business. A Google search can help you find these types of directories.
  • A good way to generate inbound links to your website is to write articles. These articles can then be submitted to article syndication websites, where other webmasters are free to use your article on their website. They must however provide a link back to your website in return for using the article.
  • Another way to generate quality inbound links is through reciprocal linking. This type of strategy involves contacting other webmasters and proposing a link exchange.
  • Link popularity is a very important strategy for attaining high rank with search engines. The link building process must be given high priority in your Internet marketing efforts.

    About the Author

    sahil kumar is a development expert working with a Website design Company one of the top SEO Company India.