Friday, March 28, 2008

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need For Your Web Hosting Plan?

by Kenny Tan

Hosting bandwidth is determined as the intensity of data transferred across an internet connection. But you have to know how much bandwidth do you need while choosing your web hosting plans.

Just be aware when someone claims that they can provide unlimited bandwidth or monthly transfer on their plans. Actually anyone claiming "Unlimited Bandwidth" is simply lying to you only because there's no such thing as "Unlimited Bandwidth" for any web server available on the market.

I have never seen any data center or broadband company offering an internet connection that can provide "Unlimited Megabytes per Second." So, how could a web hosting company do it, which they normally doesn't even own the network access lines, and yet they still claims to the customers that it will provide them "Unlimited Bandwidth"?

Very often, high bandwidth websites hosted on these "Unlimited" plans will get disconnected, and no refund would be given for the customers because the web hosting company will always say that their website is violated their Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service. But if the web hosting company is providing unmetered bandwidth then this is acceptable just because unmetered is different from unlimited and this mean the customer can use up as much bandwidth as they can and the hosting company will pay for the additional bandwidth. Of course, all of us know, most of the websites will never use up all the bandwidth on a server.

So, whenever you are visiting a site that is promoting "Unlimited Bandwidth" as one of the account features, be sure to read their Acceptable Use Policy, or the Terms of Service on the site. Read the text carefully and look for the clause that stated what is the "Unlimited" disclaimer for the plans being offered on the site.

Always remember, when you are going to look for web hosting services (those who stated clearly the hosting bandwidth their offered), you have to make your best estimation and monitor your account usage carefully within the first few months. Apply these factors into consideration while doing your estimation:

*How many visitors will access to your website?

*How many pages you are planning to create for access?

*How large are the graphics and HTML files size you will be uploading?

Large audio/video files, programs, and file downloads will usually required more bandwidth. Flash websites use plenty of bandwidth too. Virtual Reality (VR) and full-length three-dimensional audio/visual presentations will required the most bandwidth of all.

Though your estimation may not that accurate, but at least it still gives you something to work with until your site has been going online for a while and actual getting the generated traffic statistics for your website.

So, in conclusion, do not fall into the unlimited bandwidth trap that some companies are throwing at you.

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