Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Affordable Websites Only Become Affordable Websites After the Fact

(Part five of a five part series.)

by Gene Schwerman

Suppose you decide to build a website, and it is not even close to being your first one. Suppose you have done this all before. Of course you would like to get an affordable website. Affordable websites, however difficult to obtain, are the standard that everyone is looking for, right? However, suppose in this case, with eyes open, you spend significantly more than you know it should cost to build your website. Indeed you select the highest bid. If you are an experienced webmaster, and you know how difficult it is to actually make money on the Internet, if you have tried for those really inexpensive websites before, and in the end when you factor in time lost and the cost of your time trying to get things right, at least sometimes the most affordable websites are the ones that get done with the least amount of hassle and start making you money.

No one is suggesting here that you go out looking for the Web designer who is going to charge the most. But if you worked with several different web designers, and you communicate extremely well with one of them who can get things done correctly the first time most of the time, wouldn't it make sense to spend a few dollars more to work with that person rather than trying to save a few dollars by working with someone with whom communication is a definite problem? When you factor your own time into the equation, quite often, spending a few extra dollars to work with the right person or company will actually save you money in the long run. Sometimes in business, we can become so focused on the best price or the lowest price, that we completely lose sight of the big picture. Truly affordable websites, therefore, at least some of the time, become truly affordable websites not because of how inexpensive they were in the first place but how quickly and effectively they are completed and begin functioning and earning their owner money.

In this instance, of course, we are talking about the experienced website owner. On the very first website you ever build, you can get recommendations from other people who built sites, you can check referrals and references and look closely at completed websites the Web designer has built in the past, but in the end, you're going to have to make your decision based upon your accumulated research without the benefit of experience. The more work you have done on your websites over time the easier it should become to select your next Web designer. Even if you are quite aware that each and every website you build with this particular designer is significantly more expensive than the last one you may still be far better off dealing with a known commodity than taking a shot in the dark with someone new.

If indeed you do have to switch web designers, this time when you make your decision based upon the references, other people's recommendations, and your estimation of the web designers ability based upon the sites he has built in the past, you will be doing so from the advantage of having had a lot of experience evaluating all of these things. You may be surprised to find out that experience is actually equally important for the Web owner as it is for the Web designer. You may find it much easier to take into consideration factors like your time involvement in the project, your initial ability to communicate with the Web designer, and the web designer's willingness to communicate back to you and his ability to listen and understand the changes you are requesting. You may even indeed find yourself deciding to pay a little bit more than is necessary in order to have the opportunity to get the site that you want more quickly and with less of a struggle. So therefore, some affordable websites only become affordable websites after the fact.

About the Author

Gene Schwerman is founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique - Small Business Website Design. Truly Unique works on sites that offer services from office supply to graphic art designs.