Monday, February 4, 2008

Custom Mini Site Design - Pros And Cons

by Shem Cruz

In internet marketing, if you've got a product to sell and you want to have a professional mini site template complete with product ecovers and miscellaneous graphics like order buttons and guarantee seals, one common way to have them done is by hiring a professional graphic designer for it. By hiring him, you're paying him to design what you envision and in hours or days, that mini site template you paid for is done.

Custom mini site design is a very popular job which not every one can do. Only people with the design skills and the background can do that job, and because there are more and more people who sell online as a way to make money, this job is becoming profitable.

There are many good things about getting a custom design for your mini site. The most obvious benefit is that your mini site is sure to have that design that only you have. That means he will design that mini site template and the graphics that don't look similar as anyone else's. If the graphic designer you hired is highly-skilled, you are sure to have the graphics that will make a lasting good impression on your visitors, whether or not they buy your product now.

A professionally-made mini site template will show your visitors that you are professional and you are really well-prepared. Otherwise you will suffer from a bad reputation for using poorly-done graphics. But there are downsides to this as well. For one the charges are pretty high, which could be intimidating to internet marketers who are pretty short in cash. If you think about it, that's expected if you want your graphic designer to spend hours designing something unique for you.

There are graphic designers who charge every time you need a revision. There are even others who will leave you as soon as the design is done and they are paid; now you are left with the design and there'll be no more contacts or support from the graphic designer anymore.

Lastly, graphic designers are not guaranteed to be available all the time. Some are busy doing long-term projects and may not be there to design for you.

If you are going to have a custom design for your mini site, you should carefully choose the graphic designer you will work with and get ready for the fees involved. While the fees may be high, you might get your investment back if your product successfully makes sale after sale due to its professional graphics, among other things.

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