Monday, February 11, 2008

Affordable Web Site Design Elements

by Colin Wood

The actual design of a website can be very costly or very affordable, if you know what you want then it is more affordable. Affordable web site design is when there will be an obvious return on investment, over a set term. Here are some important elemets that you can have a more affordable web site design development at the initial purchase stage.

  1. Meta Tags They are information inserted into the "head" area of your web pages. Other than the title tag, information in the head area of your web pages is not seen by those viewing your pages in browsers. Instead, meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with. Meta tags, for example, can tell a browser what "character set" to use or whether a web page has self-rated itself in terms of adult content. The title tag is crucial for them. The text you use in the title tag is one of the most important factors in how a search engine may decide to rank your web page. In addition, all major crawlers will use the text of your title tag as the text they use for the title of your page in your listings.

  2. Content Content optimization is very important aspect in web site promotion. Well optimized content always drives your web site into top position in search engines. Always your content should look informative and targeted. Best content optimization method is collecting the more detail information about your products or your services. Dig more about your products or your services and publish the new content with that search engine definitely recognize your web site. Content is still king if your goal is to build a robust, high quality web site. That does not mean that content is the only thing. It is content that leads to all those off-site factors being in your favor.

  3. "About Us" and "Contact Us" pages Credibility is fast becoming a key usability issue. If people are going to entrust you with their credit card details or consider you a serious contender for their business, they want to be sure you really exist. We've all come across web sites that don't even have an address, never mind a telephone. That's why it's essential to have an About Us and a Contact Us page - to not only reassure people you're a proper business, but to give them a choice of contact options, including phone, email, directions and a map. An "about us" page of your web site must contains some feedbacks which are necessary to obtain the suggestions of your visitors. "Contact us" page is necessary to establish a relation between you and your visitors. You should provide your email so as visitors should feel that will be given full support.

  4. Traffic Statistic It is important to understand traffic statistic of your web site. The most important of the traffic statistics is likely on how many orders or inquires you could get at the end of the day. In order to understand your site performance, it is critical that you should know some of the facts here. As we all know, visitor traffic statistics are crucial to the success of every web site. If you do not know how many views your pages get, how can you know if anyone is seeing your site, product or service? When you begin marketing your site, you need to know what is working for you and what is wasting your time. Referral link reports help narrow this down and allow you to see what active links on the internet are being used to bring site visitors. This information is invaluable as it spells out exactly what your visitors are looking for, how effective your keywords are, and lets you know what search engines have you listed.

A high affordable web site design service will provide a variety of services through their web site. Not only will they do web design, but they may even offer something a bit more suiting, like domain name registration, web hosting and search engine optimization. To cover all the bases you should find an affordable web site design service that has been in business for a fair amount of time, that can provide you with references and that offers estimates on the design that you are seeking. An experienced web site design service company may also have examples of web sites that they have created. By examining past projects you will be able to grasp a better understanding as to the style and variety that they will be able to offer.

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