Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to use Google Adsense to Make Money

by Andre Sanchez

There is more to knowing how to use Google Adsense to make money than just placing a few Adsense blocks on some of your websites. That is fine if you want to make a few dollars a month from your website for little effort, and get a $100 check sent to you every now and again, but not if you want to make more substantial money than that.

If you are designing a site specifically for Adsense, you must first find a suitable niche with good keywords that people are paying substantial amounts for in the Google Adwords program. That is because it is the Google Adwords adverts that are used by Google on your Adsense site. If there is a fair number of high cost clicks in your niche, then you have a good chance of these appearing on your website.

Be prepared to design a decent website that people are going to want to visit, since adsense or not, it will be difficult to get your website listed on Google if your site has a low level of relevance to the search terms, or keywords, used by people using Google for their search. There is little point in using Google Adwords to advertise a site monetized only with Google Adsense! If you are selling popular products, then the Adsense might just pay for your Adwords campaign, but it is very unlikely. The best combination is a reasonably expert site, with some products or services offered, and also some Adsense blocks.

Some pages on your site could consist of articles with accompanying Adsense blocks, and others of sales pages offering your products or services without the distraction of Adsense. You should not place Adsense on your sales pages or squeeze pages because that will distract visitors to your page, and once they click on the Adsense ad, they will be off. Adsense should ideally have a page to itself, where it doesn't matter if the prospect leaves or not. By then you should have offered them your opt-in page.

Your niche rarely matters since most niches have a range of high and low prices. What matters is designing a page round each of the keywords you want to use. Once you have a list of keywords - say 20 or thirty plus, then enter each one into it

To find the better Adsense keywords, enter your keyword into the Google KeywordToolExternal and check the Adwords prices the tool provides you with. Do that with each of your keywords and select those that cost most. Your income per click will be related to the cost per click paid by the advertiser. Once you have selected your keywords, then write information pages based on each of the keywords, and optimize each page for the relevant keyword.

It is important that your visitors see a professional looking website, containing useful content and information. Offer some products if you can, and if your visitors do not see anything they want they will have the option of clicking on an Adsense ad. Hence you can make money in two ways. You visitors will prefer it that your site offers more than just a page full of adverts as many Adsense sites do.

Google, however, are slowly working their way through such websites and dropping them from the listings. This will not happen to your site if it provides good content relevant to the keyword of each page. At least this is true unless you are copying content, in which case your web page might never see the light of day. Many web pages are generated automatically by software that can be generating exactly the same pages for other users as it is for you. You should write your own content or have it written for you by a professional ghost writer that will not offer your work to anybody else.

If you follow the above advice, then you will have a better chance of making money from Adsense. However, if you really want to know how to use Google Adsense to make money, then the secret is in duplication. You might make only $5 daily from one website, but if you had 40 other websites doing the same . . .

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