Monday, November 19, 2007

7 Tips for More Website Traffic

by Colin L Wolfenden

If there's one thing that every website owner craves it's more traffic, or more targeted traffic to be precise. While there may not be any one method that is the holly grail of website traffic the following tips are sure to give you a nice increase in steady traffic to your website and along with it a boost to your sales.

1. SEO to Increase Natural Search Traffic
By following a good search engine optimization strategy an using targeted keywords effectively within your website content pages you will improve your ranking and thus attract more natural search traffic.

2. Building Inbound Links
Your linking strategies should include not only link exchanges with sites within your main theme but also gaining one-way links as well. A good way to get high quality one way links is to provide some quality content such as an article to a high page ranked site within a similar theme to your own site in exchange for a link within the article pointing back to your site. Adding your link to various directories can also help improve your ranking and bring more traffic too.

3. Paid Advertising
If your budget allows, you can include a variety of paid advertising such as banner ads, text ads or pay-per-click advertising. It is important however to always track any of these paid ads to ensure that you are getting positive results otherwise you could easily blow your entire budget without seeing a return for your money. An alternative to paying for such traffic is a free click formula such as Google Snatch.

4. Offline Advertising
Including your web address on your offline stationary and business cards can help to bring in visitors from your offline networking efforts.

5. Quality Content for Repeat Traffic
By providing quality content throughout your site and updating it regularly you will encourage your visitors to return and also to tell their friends about your great site. If possible it is also a good idea to incorporate viral marketing into your site by providing a free e-book download with some useful content and link to your site that visitors can pass on to their friends.

6. Web Directory Inclusion
It is a good idea to request for your website to be included into a number of web directories as this will help potential visitors find your site under a category that is relevant to the topic of your site.

7. Simple Site Navigation
Making your site easy to navigate is a must as poor or complicated navigation is more likely to discourage visitors to return. There are plenty of sites who will provide your visitors with the information they are looking for if they can't easily find it on your site because of a poor navigation layout. Remember, keeping a visitor on your site and encouraging them to return are two vitally important goals for any website owner.

There you have it. 7 tips to help bring more traffic to your website and with more traffic should also come more profits to. Follow the tips above and you should be well on your way to plenty of traffic and sales.

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