Thursday, August 2, 2007

About this blog

The Cheap Web Hosting Report web site has always had a selection of short articles covering topics like web site design, search engine optimization, advertising, and other things almost any webmaster needs to know. Unfortunately, adding articles to the site manually is just enough work that it does not get done very often. This blog (and others we hope to add on other webmaster related topics in the next few weeks) is our plan for curing this problem.

Google's Blogger system is a lot easier to update than our web site, which should mean we will actually add the good articles we find to it for you to benefit from instead of adding them to a list that we might add to our main site on a "someday" that rarely comes. Blogger is also a great free service, a free is a major plus for a budget-minded web host.

While we often see dozens of new articles on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on article sites every week, most are not with the space they take up on a drive somewhere, let alone anyone's reading time. The few articles we reprint here will those the
Cheap Web Hosting Report staff finds actually interesting and useful. We hope you will as well.